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  1. nice man mudkip's bro guess your's is a swampert now
  2. first OT at this account yeah boy shiny hunter since now ;)
  3. pls do the event for tomorrow i want defeat some kids ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. ppl just need leave their team and put /dnd when they will play, the only way that they can be ghosted is by discord call or something like. but staff can do nothing in that case
  5. IGN: Abelachy Timezone: EDT Fluff: just to want be better in pokemmo competitive and better than a noob? Preferred Tiers: Ou, Nu, Lc, SMOU Most Preferred Manager:all Least Preferred Manager:anyone
  6. nobody will pay 2.5k for a shitto lol IMO, i'll not pay more than 1.5k for a shitto
  7. gratz m8 at least the mudkip is in our team :/ rip my box of mudkips again xd
  8. in pts they say with sweet scent will get x5 hordes but if u are runing u can get x3 hordes, only in areas that are 5x and 3x hordes
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