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  1. Weezing the goat, and btw i don't understand why jolteon is still OU tbh
  2. Jaawax

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    Part 3 please
  3. IGN: Jaawax Country: Tunisia Tiers: All Discord: Jaawax#9182 Fluff: Wallah i'm good
  4. Bump; get me back on this game
  5. This is good. Also, you should consider taking back gbwead, even his mistake, no one is more experienced in pvp than him and dedicated to the proper functioning of tiers in this game. With him, all main topics were debates with all players.
  6. IGN: Jaawax Preferred Tiers: All Competitive accolades: A lot Fluff: Roses are red, Violets are blue, No one will destroy you, As much as i do. Preferred Potential Manager: TheDH / enchanteur Least Preferred Potential Manager: clowns
  7. Quinn is right, we definitely need a dislike button
  8. Remember when we all said that shiny rewards are useless in 4x25 2x31, they said they cant made them 6x31 because it can ruin the economy and nobody will pay again high value shiny. (lol) Now they added rewards in pvp, where we can have free 4 times 4x25 2x31 comp every 2 weeks for everyone who play a little, which actually really influe the economy by offering like 1000 no-perfects comps each weeks, and made breeders less used compare to before (120.000 daily gtl entry vs now 230.000, but I assume there is more and more players than before). I really wants to know whats the argument now for not make shiny rewards 6x31.
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