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  1. Sorry man this is a stupid opinion to be frank. Banning botters would be the solution not holding back simple improvements for the masses to benefit a few GTL snipers.
  2. Porygon has never had hordes. It is more accessible now than ever since it occasionally has swarms. Tyrogue had 3x hordes with machop on Jagged Pass in unova for a brief time in 2016, but then they were removed a month or two later. We thought they were gone entirely but then in 2017 I found that they had moved to being mixed in very randomly in zorua-style hordes in Firey Path in Hoenn. They remained there until Sinnoh came out (in 2020 iirc). Firey Path had one Tyrogue mixed in a 3x horde with Machops per every 10-20 hordes. At the time if you wanted to hunt Tyrogue, it was quicker do just do single encounters using repel trick in the old Torchic spot on Rt 112. I got extremely lucky and found a 2x31 tyrogue from one of those mixed hordes in 2017 As for Heracross, as far as I remember you are correct, they were in Pattern Bush
  3. Probably. The new Zorua hunting meta is to use Koffing/Weezing with Reactive Gas to reveal the Zorua. When using this method, the name still shows as the pokemon it was originally hiding as, even after the Zorua is revealed: However, if you use the old method of actually doing damage to the Zorua in question, the name shows properly as "Zorua": I'm assuming that only actually dealing damage to reveal the Zorua would trigger the shiny run prompt, but I am not going to test that if I find a shiny one
  4. @Rache @Munya @Quakkz This seems to be a hot question going around in the shiny hunting community atm since Weezing's ability now makes it a lot easier to hunt Zorua. Can one of you please test this and let us know? The name stays the same as "Petlil", "Venipede" or whatever it was before the transformation so people are worried they wouldn't get the prompt triggered by a shiny if they accidently click run
  5. The 3rd bi-annual [Mr] Team war is officially over! The winning team is: Team Bulbasaur First off I want to say thank you to each captain this time around, Turtle (@WestTurtle), NeoJuaske (@Juaske) & JayGray (@JayGray). It was an exciting week - huge thank you to everyone who participated, I hope you all had as much fun as I did (or more). Congratulations to the members of Team Bulbasaur! We had a massive 27 shinys found this week, plenty of charms for all to enjoy and lots of team rivalry and comradery. The shinys found this week and their respective point changes throughout the week are as follows: Shinys found during the war: OT - Shiny Found - Score Change (Squirtle / Charmander / Bulbasaur) 1. BangTheIII - Secret Shiny Elektrike (Single + Secret) - 0/0/7 2. OHJI - Shiny Ralts (3x) - 0/0/9 3. Zakkosaurus - Shiny Primape (5x) - 0/1/9 4. Blood - Shiny Charmander (Egg) - 0/16/9 5. Deomi - Shiny Wingull (Single) - 0/16/15 6. Atlewis - Shiny Piloswine (5x) - 0/17/15 7. Glower - Shiny Aipom (Safari) - 0/17/23 8. Glower - Shiny Teddiursa (Safari) - 0/17/31 9. SoleFlyDavid - Shiny Gastly (Single) - 0/23/31 10. LifeHunteer - Shiny Cottonee (3x) - 0/25/31 11. xXFongusXx - Shiny Cyndaquil (Safari) - Fled 12. NeoJuaske - Shiny Noctowl (Single) - 0/25/37 13. BrunoMarin - Shiny Murkrow (5x) - 1/25/37 14. NuzlockedBR - Shiny Unown (Single) - 7/25/37 15. Astavil - Shiny Duosion (Single) - 13/25/37 16. Zakkosaurus - Shiny Primape (5x) - 13/26/37 17. xXFongusXx - Shiny Shinx (3x) -13/28/37 18. BangTheIII - Shiny Elektrike (3x) - 13/28/39 19. KiryuMoeka - Shiny Smeargle (5x) - 13/28/40 20. NobleChieef - Shiny Abra (Single) - 13/28/46 21. Glower - Shiny Teddiursa (Safari) 13/28/54 22. LifeHunteer - Shiny Venipede (3x) - 13/30/54 23. NobleChieef - Shiny Smeargle (5x) 13/30/55 24. Poratne - Shiny Roselia (Single) - 13/30/61 25. Cudrick - Shiny Smeargle (5x) - 14/30/61 26. Ninnetales - Shiny Venipede (3x) - 14/30/63 27. Deomi - Shiny Stunfisk (5x) - 14/30/64 MVP Awards: The MVPs for each team are as follows: Team Squirtle: NuzlockedBR Team Charmander: LifeHunteer Team Bulbasaur: Glower Each team's MVPs will receive 3m each from the prize pool. The remainder of the prize pool (50M) will be split between Team Bulbasaur in whatever way their captain decides. Thanks again to everyone who participated! Looking forward to enjoying another team war in 6 months! [Mr]>>>>>>>>
  6. As Hamizoss said, you most definitely mean RP (reward points), not BP (battle points). It is legal to sell RP vouchers for pokeyen or trade them directly for PvP pokemon / whatever else you may want. I wouldn't encourage you to play that way long-term though Since we're on the topic of BP selling though, we should be able to buy BP directly from other players IMO. Always wanted a slide in my base but not enough to want to learn PvP and then grind the battle pyramid or whatever the most efficient way to farm BP currently is, I could care less about PvP. Another option is that players could just sell secret base items directly to one another, for example the lost Regi dolls from 2016 and earlier. Id be in favor of some base items still remaining untradeable though, like the Xmas tree from the 2015 event
  7. Team [Mr]'s Shiny Kanto Friends War! Third edition of the bi-anual [Mr] team wars (This event is for in-game [Mr] Members only) Team [Mr] is hosting an event for all of our shiny hunting (in-game) members to join. This is a 1 week long, 3-team, group shiny race. Every player wishing to join can sign up and will be noted down and then drafted to 1 of 3 groups/teams. Each shiny found during the week long event will gain points for that player's team, and at the end of the week, the team with the most points wins. Points will vary depending on how the shiny is found (single encounter, safari catch, 3x horde, 5x horde or egg hatch). We will be hosting a team draft for all 3 teams 1 hour before the event to decide who goes on which team. The captains are going to be Turtle, NeoJuaske and JayGray. You may mail me in-game or via Discord to sign up to participate. May the best team win! Point system: 69,420 Points - Alpha shiny 15 Points - Egg shiny (or revived fossil) 8 Points - Safari CAUGHT shiny (fled = 0 points) 6 Points - Single Encountered shiny (or Zorua from Horde) 2 Points - 3x horde shiny 1 Point - 5x horde shiny +1 Point if the pokemon is also a secret shiny (ex. secret shiny found in a single encounter: 7 points) MVP Awards: At the end of the event, the players (1 person from each team) who got the most shinys will be awarded a portion of the donation pool Rules: --To sign up to enter this event please message me or mail me (IGN: awkways) in game or via discord and you will be noted to be drafted to 1 of the 3 teams --Players will meet at the Striation City gym at the last section before the gym leaders at the draft time (6:00 PM EDT on July 23rd, 2022) if they are online and wish to participate --During the draft team captains will pick from the list of hunters signed up to be added to their teams --Players who can not make it to the draft will still be chosen to be on 1 of the teams, as long as they are signed up to participate --The event will officially start 1hr after the draft (at 7:00 PM EDT on July 23rd) and players will hunt all week to get as many shinys / points possible for their team --Players may sign up to join a team after the event begins if they wish to participate and will be assigned to whichever team has the least # of players at the time to keep the rosters balanced --Team members may vote to kick inactive players from their team (captains have the power to veto this decision) --Shinys that were caught before a player joins a team or after they have been kicked do not count towards that team's point total --Some time after the end of the event (at 7:00 PM EDT on July 30th) prizes will be distributed EVENLY among the players of the winning team, along with the MVP prizes --MVP Prizes will be awarded to players who got the most shinys on their team (all 3 teams) --Egg shinys must be a NEW SPECIES OT shiny for that person and bred from non-shiny parents --Safari shinys must be caught to count --In the event of a TIE between 2 or more teams at the end of the event (7:00:00 PM July 30th 2022), the event will go into SUDDEN DEATH, meaning the first team to score ANY points wins --Only team [Mr] Members may enter this event --If team [Mr] is not your main account's team (if you have an alt with us) you cannot participate in this event --Any player who joins the team between this posting and the event beginning must donate at least 500k to participate in this event --Signups start now (as of this posting) EVENT DRAFT TIME: Saturday, July 23rd, 2022 @ 6:00 PM EDT EVENT DRAFT LOCATION: Channel 2 (channel subject to change) - Striation City Gym - the last section before the gym leaders, as seen here: EVENT START TIME: Saturday, July 23rd, 2022 @ 7:00 PM EDT EVENT END TIME: Saturday, July 30th, 2022 @ 7:00 PM EDT Time Zone Converter To Donate: Send mail to me in game (IGN: awkways) with the title "Event Donation" and it will be added to the prize pool Note: Please only send in pokeyen ($) so the prizes can be evenly distributed among the winning team / MVPs CURRENT TEAM ROSTERS: Team Squirtle: 1. Turtle - Captain 2. RochaBR 3. LuukyPuuky 4. Zypho 5. Paulisssh 6. Polimerasa 7. PrinceAdjahni 8. BrunoMarin 9. NuzlockedBR 10. Lepott 11. DarkSign 12. Costosis 13. Enlightt 14. Mojorisin 15. Astavil 16. Cudrick 17. Mayushii 18. SmurfBR 19. KingDrakeo 20. ZephyBoi 21. QXia 22. Barrelz Team Bulbasaur: 1. NeoJuaske - Captain 2. BangtheIII 3. Death 4. OHJI 5. Ninnetales 6. Deomi 7. FourFacedLiar 8. PrincessLolita 9. Poratne 10. DayumOP 11. NobleChieef 12. HaruLipe 13. Glower 14. Curseman 15. TipsyTurvy 16. Vincenteh 17. KiryuMoeka 18. JusJam 19. Trot 20. Kiichopz 21. ZSlayerSP Team Charmander: 1. JayGray - Captain 2. redhoooood 3. awkways 4. Atlewis 5. Paul 6. Blood 7. MartinTheMartian 8. Zakkosaurus 9. SamuelJackson 10. everjan 11. xXFongusXx 12. InHeat 13. Sharkei 14. ShinsuRyuto 15. MrNewkidz 16. SirDusty 17. SoleFlyDavid 18. MayMilotic 19. ToanNhon 20. LifeHunteer 21. Cheels 22. Rayquazaa Current Donations: $3,000,000 - MartinTheMartian $3,000,000 - Pibb $3,000,000 - NuzlockedBR $2,500,000 - xXFongusXx $2,000,000 - Awkways $2,000,000 - SirDusty $2,000,000 - Blood $2,000,000 - DarkSign $2,000,000 - OHJI $2,000,000 - SamuelJackson $2,000,000 - FourFacedLiar $2,000,000 - BangTheIII $2,000,000 - Turtle $2,000,000 - Zaakkosaurus $1,500,000 - KiryuMoeka $1,500,000 - Polimerasa $1,500,000 - Dainiel $1,000,000 - Paul $1,000,000 - Ninnetales $1,000,000 - Deomi $1,000,000 - Mayushii $1,000,000 - RochaBR $1,000,000 - redhoooood $1,000,000 - HaruLipe $1,000,000 - NeoJuaske $1,000,000 - NobleChieef $1,000,000 - Atlewis $1,000,000 - LuukyPuuky $1,000,000 - Death $1,000,000 - Curseman $500,000 - BrunoMarin $500,000 - JusJam Total: 50M
  8. PT 3: Halloween swarms with random alphas in them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. What about the inconsistency of having 4 moms in the past and 2 moms in the future? When was I really born? Who's my real mom? Where's my dad?
  10. Thanks for the 10 years and for the event from Team [Mr]
  11. Happy 10 year and 3 month anniversary to PokeMMO! Team Mr killed this event with 3 (count 'em 3) swarm shinys. Team Wars coming to a team near you soonTM
  12. You can switch between the items in the bag by just changing the portion of text specific to the color of the vanity (for example "Winged Helmet (Black)" -> backspace "Black)" -> type "Dark Red)") and it will pop up with the item you are searching, so I'm not so sure they're coded as different items. Seems weird to me that they would code them as entirely different items in GTL and in the bag, but regarding how all this looks/would look coding wise I have no idea. My suggestion would just be to make the same change to the GTL search bar that has been working for the bag for a few years now (I think since 2020?). Hopefully it wouldn't be too massive of a pain in the butt to add. Thanks for the input
  13. In our bags we can use the search bar to quickly find vanities (clothing items) by specific colors - for example by typing "PokeMMO Cap (Dark Red)" or "Winged Helmet (Black)" For some reason, GTL's search function doesn't work this way. The names of the vanities in the listings include the color, but we can't use the search function to filter by those same colors the same way that we can with the bag's search function. This makes finding the cheapest listing for a specific colored vanity in GTL quite annoying. With events such as the one happening now, occasionally there are hundred of listings of the same vanity in different colors, and most of the reasonably priced ones are the uglier colors. Finding the good colored vanities that aren't way overpriced is nearly impossible without this filter, or even just buying a fairly priced vanity in the exact color you want without individually looking at each listing. My suggestion is to add the ability to search the color of vanities in GTL the same way we can in the bag. Simple QoL improvement, if anyone knows any reason why this shouldn't be done feel free to let me know.
  14. Thanks for implementing this, @Darkshade, looks wonderful in game
  15. Shiny hunt while standing afk in vermilion ez best of both worlds #eggs
  16. I'm 2.5 months late, but here's a mudkip
  17. I believe the saying is "see you next tuesday"
  18. money cant buy pvp hats. it can buy secret shinys. are you suggesting secret shinys become untradeable too then?
  19. Yeah sorry if my wording was off, im not claiming to know the cause, just was explaining how i produced the look in the picture they posted of me above. The color of the "mages hat" changes depending on what classic cap I use. I noticed certain hairstyles + older hats sometimes turn into newer vanitys, except they appear as tinted with the color of the older vanity. For example, windswept hair + peaked cap is turning into colorable W Pink Cat headphones, based on the color of the Peaked cap, or Fedora + THE ELECTRIC STORM turned into tinted Golden Tiger Masks. I had a few teamates come look last night and they couldnt see what I was seeing for most of the hair+hat combos. After the 3rd (?) time the server went down last night the only combo that other players could see was the one in the picture above, which was me wearing THE ELECTRIC STORM (light violet) and Classic Cap (dark red)
  20. its a bug with THE ELECTRIC STORM vanity and clasic cap. It just bugs into being a mage cap that takes on the color of the classic cap
  21. What makes you claim that admins don't get paid? Squirtle has been working with the game since before day 1 and is an Admin. I'm 100% sure Squirtle gets paid. Regarding their "friends, those are all current or ex-staff members, who were rewarded with those legendaries after working for the game for years. Jumpeon is a fake-e-mon, it is the boss of the (supposedly seasonal) April 1st day event, and was added for the first time in this update: You can even find it's sprite, along with the xmas event, Lunar New Year & Halloween fake-e-mon's sprites within your client data if you look. Their sprites are in the pokemmo->data->resources compressed .zip folder. Extract that .zip then go into sprites->battlesprites. Jumpeon's is "1025-front-n": Again, just using the search function would do you wonders. I just linked you proof of the in-game boss battle from the event, and if you're too new to even have ever heard of this event, that's on you. Good luck spamming your message another 10x.
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