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  1. Well played lol when I saw u there I knew it was about days until I see it on this thread x)
  2. offtopic Not sure of what you mean by hard, but in my opinion it's more like it should be more disversified. There are already pretty easy ways to make little profit (lets say, 500k a day, is never that hard as long as you know what to do), but we are stuck is 4-5 viable ways to make $ which may be a problem. I'm not sure that reducing the money sink is right when there is an huge arrival of new players, but in another hand, I recently bred for sale, and noticed that many pokemon are not even worth to breed, being less valuable than the braces cost. So I may support this idea, but would prefer to find another solution about this problem, if one can be found. Auction is always a good thing for struggling economies, letting the trade be done with full information, on the object, on the value, and on the interest people give it. Also, I prevents lowball a bit more than just wild trades. It also let those who want to make profit, because Auctions rarely sell for 100% of the value.
  3. I would never compare sniping and lowballing. Also blaming the victim intelligence is essence of scam. Difference is honesty. By sniping on gtl, you're not hiding information you got. ___ Just to anticipate the "let us make profit" argument, already seen in another discussion I had, people make profit, but they dont make it on other people ignorance. They make it on the situation. People can be particulary interested in stuff so they can overpay, but they know they are overpaying and they have reason for it (time, appreciation, ...), this is the difference between business and scam. The guy who makes profit is the one who will be the intermediaite between the one who particularly wanna buy, and the one who particularly wanna sell, as long as the environement not always let them meet easily. What lowballers do is way different. I keep thinking it should not be allowed, but I also accept that as long as it's allowed, hating on forum is the most I can do. I mean, if I were a businessman who had responsibilities about shiny trading, having people who depend on my profit, I would use all ways I'm allowed to, to optimise my profit, including lowball, but theres a reason I dont do it. Pokemmo is a game. And I think that frustration, mine or others, should be avoided as much as possible in a game.
  4. I think he meant that it's kind of a parallel market, like, people who do shiny business are mostly known and just trade together and lowball noobs. The $ they engage are not meant to anything that may have an impact on the gameplay. He gives the comp player vision, and imo, -and im not even a bit of a comp player,- this is the most legit part. His vision gives us what's important, because the market really has an impact on his gameplay. Comp meta can be influenced by the market. Trading shinies wont be much affected, and if it's affected, the only part of that would feel it is the trading part, which is definitely part of every mmo, but less important than gameplay.
  5. This is just a private joke not a spoiler lol (or maybe private taunt idk) No don't worry they just need shocking speech to satisfy their complaining need
  6. Oh I get it, you just don't use the right words. An economy -out of exception- always gets better by getting less impacted by individuals (perfect economy includes atomicity property). In getting less impacted by individuals, I directly talk about the new influx of players. What gets worse with this new influx of player, is the position of the already-in-business people, because the "tips" they used are getting more and more used, and turn to be less and less "easy profit". In another hand it helps farming guys, by, with time, correlating earning (real earning, taking level of prices in account) and effort. So ye, assuming your assumptions, the economy is good. It doesnt mean everybody is making more and more profit. It means that unfair profit is getting harder to find and make. ____________ Btw, as said before, this is pointless talk, because if your vision is biaised by your racism, mine may also be biaised by my way to play. We got nothing to hold, to make an objective speech
  7. Just imagine yourself having the speech you have here, but in real life. Idk in few month it grew a disgusting global racism in pokemmo like hating on chinese is hype. So, maybe you think I'm off topic, but lately, every time I read words like "economy" and "chinese", I just hear "reason to complain"
  8. wut ? I'm just pointing how discussing attempts are recieved by the complainers Nice personnal attack you hurt me
  9. Like the non-informed people would accept that their complain isnt legit ?
  10. Wow I just found an answer without racist asumptions, rarer than shinies these days
  11. I'm not talking about this post but about the general situation around in pokemmo. My point is pretty much same as yours, saying that any discussion is pointless if we keep as informed as today. Btw, it's not a necessity/a wish for all staff/devstaff to let players of their game analyse their economy
  12. Main problem is people discussing without experience on how to analyse stuff. This is pointless, and nurtures the feeling of a shit economy for people who just .. read the complains, and don't try to get more involved in the reflexion/analysis. Being annoyed by something that reduce your income doesnt make you an economist able to tell devs what to implement.
  13. Well I will use clear words as long as you cant understand. My point is not that I encourage scam if it's done discreetly. My point is that scam is something you should be ashamed of, rules or not. And btw, considering lowball is not scam is maybe right if you focus on rules, but if you consider what a scam is, well lowball is a scam. Feel free to be as dishonest as the rules let you be if that is what you want. (And again you may not get that I dont really want people to lowball but use the words in a way that show it in a negative point of view ?)
  14. And again you dont understand
  15. At least it will put an upper limit to the RP items price
  16. Well there is reading and there is understanding.
  17. So kind of tradeable RPs but with locked amounts ? May let people who want RP stuff that are not that usual to get them for normal price, and not let an RP seller abuse of his position
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