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  1. Ign: Arca Tier: ou uu Discord: arca#3362 Fluff: abra kadabra
  2. Ign: arca Country: argentina Tier: all Discord: Arca#3362 Fluff: gasay es boliviana pls que no juege para argentina
  3. ign: Arca Tier: lc uu Fluff: no compartir team con gasay ty
  4. Ign: arca Tier: all Discord: Arca#3362 Fluff: colio bad lc Damelo a enchanteur siempre
  5. I wanted to know if I could have a place in the tournament, I asked my friend to register due to Internet problems and I see that I cannot register. if you can't, that's fine yosoyarca argentina tier all
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