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  1. I pray for this game. #bringbackofftopic

  2. >implying I watched a single second aww, how cute xx [spoiler] In all seriousness, good work :) [/spoiler]
  3. Still saying trade in a comp you already have and make it shiny
  4. I don't see what's so good about this - anyone care to elaborate? Other than the shiny competitive 'mons, which seem cool, don't look that good after the 120 IV limit. Couldn't you just give or show the pokémon you already have with the ideal moveset / nature/ IV and make a gift competitive shiny out of that?
  5. goddamnit i wasn't a judge ;_; i wrote my entry because, yeah, i wasn't a judge and plus i would've won it on default (with the exclusion of flava) I call a rematch, me and flava
  6. Alright, no entries so far so any entry wins on default "This is a robbery! Everyone get on the ground!" I had enough of you mugs running around, as aziz went over to the burglar and 720 noscoped him off of a ladder across the map As the people fell to their knees praising Aziz, aziz said "no need man, it's coo'," as he shuffled out of the building
  7. I wouldn't mind judging now, so if there are any vacancies open, lemme know :D
  8. Happy birthday, 4F! I aint got the effort to make anything so, yeah, well done! (:I)
  9. I wanna judge /and/ write too... help me find a loophole, slop ; _ ;
  10. This was pure genius, it was amazing man Goddamnit, I wanna know what it was behind the other end of the phone... AAAH That hidden message was unbelievable too.
  11. If only I had a spark in me, right now, at this moment... I can't flow... So, yeah, I'm out :I Sorry, guys ;0;
  12. My bad. I stopped playing after breeding, so yeah lol
  13. I don't get it. Breeding a 'mon after the 30th of October, would still have your OT, right? How would you differentiate between the ones that are breeded and the ones are caught in the wild? Nevertheless, amazing prize and great event. +1 rachelucario
  14. Two entries. It's my chance to win this. Expect my entry tomorrow or the day after
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