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  1. Oh I see. I would love to help with the event. :3
  2. I had a little idea. Most likely not the best and won't even be passed through, but it's worth a shot. A writing contest. People would have to write on a certain topic (could be pokémon or even irl(though I doubt the latter)) They could write in first person, their first day in the pogeyman world. Just a suggestion. Prize could be a pen/pencil on their back (like the backpack) or a book or something. ;0; I'm horrible at explaining stuff so do forgive me.
  3. Oh, come on. 100s? The teams are going to be filled with the base 600 trio. Just let 100s die. Oh, and 100s will be able to participate in two tourneys now? They have such a use, eh? This.
  4. Gentleman - AM2 - His stance looks awesome. I'd like him to have a brown hair. A nice beard. Thank you! I can give you some sort of GC TM or 2x lesser TMs.
  5. Well, I support this. I had five warning points and two were taken off, now I'm stuck with three. ;_; And I would like to either get rid of these points or I'd have to be stuck with these.
  6. Ideas for my precious timid Dragonite? It is female!
  7. holy crap The Absol one is perfect o.o Go ahead and add a few things in it to give it a finishing touch and it'll easily be one of my favorite sigs.
  8. In on this. +1111111111111 We need some sort of band.
  9. It wasn't any action. It was a one-time password 'log in' when you're ingame and trying to release and trade.
  10. Well, I encounter TTar and other Pokémans who have either sand stream or anything that lets them damage my Smears after I've spored them very rarely. Oh, and lel, I forgot to add in Smeargle classic baton pass ;-; Baton pass/ Spore/ Belly Drum/ Agility. Though I love using baton pass based teams, I have several sets for Smears. The following is for when I sweep with Marowak, I can make him extremely bulky and incapable of switching out by adding ingrain and taking out agility. I then put calm mind on Espeon/Blissey (get +6 sp.attk and +6 sp.def( yeah, yeah, sp.attk stop laughing ;_; ) and then pass all the boosts onto Vaporeon and acid armor up to +6, and then pass it over to Marowak. It works about half of the time, but you get that glowing feeling inside when you succeed and you attempt it again ;-; Also, that Smeargle set you've stated sounds great :3 I'm gonna try it out in Showdown. One of my best matches ever: Smeargle2good4u
  11. No thanks, I'd rather see people complain about how frustrating it is to breed. [spoiler] loljk, this is awesome. Will significantly reduce the time it takes +1 [/spoiler]
  12. Welcome :3 Also, Smeargle with focus sash in generation 5 > Smeargle with choice scarf! With the moveset of: Agility/ Belly Drum/ Spore/ Ingrain. 2OP
  13. I hate the way to hatch eggs, it takes WAY TOO MUCH time and it is frustrating and annoying. Also, cycling up and down Cycling Road 94 times just to hatch an Eevee is bad.
  14. Ok, urhm, who has five million PokéBucks to spend on a short moments notice?
  15. +1 The happiness drop can cost you the tourney, it's basically the difference between winning and losing. And no, return is better than frustration.
  16. Welcome! No. Just no.
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