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  1. throh bought, all that's left is tauros and shinies gogo 🙂
  2. could always re-upload them to a western platform like yt, although, idk if that's a possibility.
  3. Ada hitmontop bought, still looking for others, gogo.
  4. Offering upwards of 8mil for: 31/31/31/x/31/31 careful throh 31/31/31/x/31/31 adamant tyrogue/hitmontop 31/31/31/31/31/31 Naive Tauros also interested if they have 1 or 2 30's except for speed, ofc I won't offer 8mil if not perfect. Interested in buying: Shiny Lucario Shiny Eevee/Umbreon Shiny Shedinja Jolly 31 speed (if not exactly as stated, don't bother, I ofc pay properly for it) Shiny ttar idk about ivs nor gender, unless stated. I will only discuss anything through PM
  5. Its redudant, not a necessity at all, plus donator is already dirty cheap and also provides you better odds at hatching a shiny.
  6. I can do a full perfect breed, start to finish in less than 1 hour, using only 1 char, just macro manage it properly.
  7. You speak about redesigning, but you can't even make a coherent post on the forum.
  8. I got mine changed, but idk if it's a possibility, it was kind of a favor since someone was getting mistaken mails people under my discord alias (redspawn char isn't mine) when I was breeding for people.
  9. @Crimardo you still have screen?
  10. Even elfbots can be shiny in pokemmo, not that you can catch them.
  11. Actually, its even easier in official games, there's even bottlecaps, play the game.
  12. if it serves you of any consolation, since 2013, I've seen 4 total, caught 3, and I've actively hunted for months, both paras and bagon shiny.
  13. odds are independent, not static, they don't add up, each encounter has 1/30k chance of being shiny, no matter how many you have done in the past. Therefor you need to calc that accordingly, and not assume it's 50%.
  14. Ye bro! Tell them, dont let the haters prove you wrong!
  15. https://forums.pokemmo.com/index.php?/clubs/
  16. friend, use the search bar please, they confirmed in the past that shiny lock was a thing. Stop assuming things. They also lied about shiny rate multiple times etc. Trust the 2013 players 😉
  17. Pls dude, you ve been here for a few months, there is a search bar top right, use it, stop licking their feet.
  18. you mean if you can get it within 10 mil wasted? likely not.
  19. IGN: Razimove Country: Portugal Tier: any Discord: redspawn#5126
  20. this is completely irrelevant to every steel type, I used it as an example, and it was not ideal from me. There you go: +2 252 Atk Life Orb Garchomp Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Ferrothorn: 133-157 (73.4 - 86.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery +2 252 Atk Life Orb Garchomp Stone Edge vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Skarmory: 84-100 (48.8 - 58.1%) -- 97.3% chance to 2HKO there you go, where's the need for it. Hydreigon, maybe, there would be something to answer turn 1 draco pressure, chomp? Not really.
  21. Its not a wall if it gets 2hko. Salac is trash. Please play comp then rethink what you are saying, the only 2 reliable ways to deal with him were foulplay spam or sacrificing something to get something able to revenge kill, like weavile w/icicle spear. Also, calc +2 stone edge on skarm which is arguably better coverage.
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