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  1. @Prande sorry I cannot make it animated ? (for now)
  2. @Bilburt just a team tag change guys! everybody who is currently waiting for a sig, I sincerely apologize ?? My laptop is in its last days before dying I think and won't open Photoshop without overheating or freezing, I'm so so so so so sorry! I am getting a new PC on May 20th (in one week and a half), so I will be able to continue working on signatures then, and I'll be really really fast from now on because Photoshop will finally not lag for me anymore yay! ❤️ until then, I will try to open Photoshop once in a while and see which commissions I can do, but sadly I've been trying these last weeks and it's just not working for me. Love u all thanks for the support and loveeeeee!!!!
  3. seguime ❤️

    1. mayuuuuu


      mentirita ya me sigues :')

    2. camilo7


      hace rato jajaja

  4. ab0394d4822ab1d0bc6095a10e7216b8.png


    miss u buddy

  5. hello father of sigs thank u ? tysm it means a lot!! (ꈍᴗꈍ) Hello! Idk if you’re still active or still want this but I was inactive when you asked for this request! lemme know
  6. Pending: - @DragoTamer - @Prande - @caioxlive13 - @KaynineXL - @xNotYourFriend - @nguyenduy - @NikhilR Complete: - Aidenjc - Stormyrite - LipeHaru ?? love u all thank you for your requests
  7. so cute!! u posted this on my birthday and she is my favorite ?
  8. my shiba inu sig is the cutest one u ever had & matches your icon more

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    2. mayuuuuu


      in my sig shop's main post u silly

    3. Bilburt


      im blind where is that

    4. Bilburt


      i aint staff no more

  9. let's collab

    1. KaynineXL


      u stealing my clout homie?

  10. my sigs sometimes take time cuz there's this other thing called "real life" aka sometimes i cry about work and my sucky busy schedule depending on how demanding you are with the specific detail requests/how easy i find it to be/etc. i can do it the day you ask me, or i get anxious and avoid it for long periods of time cuz i want it to come out perfectly and don't have the time to do so sometimes i will say yes and then i forget pokemmo exists and thus neglect my "duties" BUT, u will NEVER get a signature if u pm me on discord calling me a uguu just a few weeks after we discussed how u want it done :-) if you need it by a specific timeframe or want to give a deadline feel free to do so and i'll most likely reject the request cuz one day i could be inspired but then other times i don't even check forums, let alone discord/pokemmo (there's no way to know what days im inspired!) soz if thats an inconvenience, mental health is a uguu (haha get it, cuz u called me a uguu) tldr never call me a b word thank also: you already got a theme from me in the past and from what i remember you were quite pleased with it. also: friends have absolutely zero priority. ask @awkways i'm still not done with his theme hehehehehhehe sometimes the more pressure i feel the more anxious & least inclined i am to finish something also, check urself also, u disrespecting the queen (aka me) also, this isn't my gotdang parttime job, i don't even play mmo no mo so the donations i receive are pre much just sitting there, so technically im doing this only cuz i like makin ppl happy also, you are paying virtual money for sum art. i'd (partially) understand calling someone out if you got scammed out of real money, but cmon... live a little. u didn't even pay me up front SO ADIOS ily booboo
  11. non-animated & animated. I hope you like it!
  12. tbh the only reason i did it was cuz i had it on my to-do list for a year and a half and my ocd wanted to clear my list <3 u tho
  13. @ZoruaChan woops didn't realize it was a name text sig you wanted until i was halfway done with this anyways have a normal sig, i'll get started on the name text one some other time
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