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  3. [RISÉ] Shiny Shrine Every now and then, RNG Gods decide to stop playin with your life and reward you with different colored pixels. This thread is all about celebrating such abominations.
  4. Unofficial Tournaments: xSparkie Oltann Havsha Suneet Titinn SweeTforU Leviiticus Kevola TheChampionMike
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  7. I wanna dedicate this post to: @SweeTforU for being the guy to hit on a 12 year old @TheNightArch for being amazing @xSparkie for being the asian we all so love @Bilburt for being the guy that satisfies my daily dossis of memes @kevola for being that guy for using chansey and snorlax @Zymogen for being the one searching endlessly for his eyebrow @LifeStyle for being the one to confirm hyper voice hits all 5 pokemon in a horde And last but not least @BlackJovi no u
  8. On 4th September 2016, Teams Renaissance and MastersxDivision united together to become more competitively-diverse and to offer the opportunity for their respective members to start anew. Since its formation, TheUprising has already soared up the rankings to become the 4th most successful team in PokeMMO history, with a total of 4 Team Tournament wins and dozens of individual competitive accolades. "This is the dawn of a new era. Brace yourselves." As TheUprising is a competitive team, we currently only recruit players who are either already established competitive battlers, or who show the potential and dedication to progress. In order to join our team, you will need to notify an Officer+ who will then request that you partake in a tryout battle in a competitive tier of your choosing. Depending on your performance, a decision will be made there and then as to whether or not you will be invited. Theme Song xSparkie was here ;D No u Wow not even Zymo Wtf, didnt even see this until now, this is why Havsha is the best. Ban Ben. Snorepig is terrible.
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