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  1. Thanks to all of you for this welcoming! I really appreciate it, let´s meet ingame :)
  2. Thanks for this warm welcoming! I am really suprised, my old Team still exists, at least the cool core of them. So Thanks guys if you wanted me into a Team, but ill stick to my old vets! :)
  3. Hello Hello! My Name is and was SmokinButterfly. I am ~25 years old and live in Germany. I hope to enjoy the game and community as i did before i left. I mean there is a lot of new Content to enjoy so i look Forward to explore this all. And it´s nice to see some old vet´s are still here, i´m excited to hear what happenend to each of you in this period of time! Whatever, i hope we all can enjoy this game and meet each other ingame!
  4. Why reduce the BP of a move for nerfing a single Pokemon? Doesn´t it make more sense to reduce this Pokemons attack stat by 10 then ? Salamence is Uber already only in doubles seen. Or PVe so if PvE and PVP should be more the same i would work on making OP pokes OU viable again instead of nerfing all dragontypes in all tiers. Becaue in relation a Salamence will keep it´s strength to other dragontypes. Other if you reduce its basestats, slightly until you found a balanced amount. I mean Salamence would still do its job in Doubles but can make its appearance in OU. Blissey/Chansey could have reduced reduced hp or defense for example in Order to make them fitting to OU Strengths.
  5. Its just considered to be OP because its the bulkiest Grasstype we have at the moment i guess. Considering it cant be put to sleep by common moves like Spore or Sleep powder, or be poisoned. So possibilities for a save switch are there if you can predict a statusmove like that. But furthermore Burn doesn´t stop it aswell, only parahax can put it down in curcial moments. Once it is in it can be a threat, since it is so versitale that you need to make some scouting on it before react properly. By that time, you can be put in a very bad position. Still i think its not too stronk, its just filling a neache and that pretty well. Yes a neache, since no other poke does what Venu can do ( by moves, stats and typing). I mean there are several counters and i feel like almost every comp could adapt to it. Just two more things: you can outstall it with several pokes, key is here that you get your hands on a sp def that resists the common attacks. So Umbreon, Tenta or any Mono Psychic type with a bit Bulk in Sp def can do its job well. If you ask urself what set runing on umbreon: Spit, rest/wish, yawn, mean look. The other option is to make a poke that bring it down fast with effective moves, while venusaur can only use not effective stabs or normal effective non stabs. This is in my eyes less good since the pokemon you use is likely to take still heavy dmg to venu and might be left in 1hko range for the next pokemon. Therefor i have not tested any build there, but my Mag´s with hp fire/psychic can do a good job if used well. Ofcourse you have to scout the hp fire first. Other pokes that could do that aswell i think are : Aero (with any fly move), jolteon(with hp), Espeon (espeon could also be used for the first option: to bulk) Of course venu can have, this or that. But at most it can have 4 Moves and running special neache counters on it, makes it vulnerable to other things. So Its always lacking in some coverage, always beatable always intense when venu comes in. So why destroy the joy of battle :3
  6. Well and i showed how ur idea could work without a constat rechecking of Forums. Btw u got me wrong: the Person can´t send Links to A, if he sends the same link to User C it would be completly fine. So someone would have to get online userlists first before he could exploit it there anymore. ( that would produce a scenario where User B sends his link ONCE to all online Users, including Mods and GM´s so you would be alerted ) sry on ur namething, thought u were referring to a smart person with that ;)
  7. Well therefor you could check the last post of Friedrich Nitzsche. He already showed a way. Now just improve what he was pointing out. Like: You don´t need constant check, a daily patch for the Links that are from guides. Then if the Users list and Servers List arent same: nope(login). Another thing: If User B sends a Link to user A , User B can´t send another link to A without any response. So every further message would either create an error message for B, or if B tries to work arround with normal text: as long as no response from A, B can´t send another Link.
  8. Honestly just say it: you dont want to spend any time on somehow make it workable for all. You simply won´t get hacked just by following a link unless u click something else. Common Internet knowledge that either everyone should have or learn it asap. If ppl dont know they deserve to be hacked in order to learn such things. Definetly not the Task of a Staff. Ofc you are interested in account security, but infact as others already mentioned: you can do it already in Teamchat. Also in PM at Forums. So if I wanted to get somebodys account info i would not choose allchat, since there are definetly more witnesses than PM in Forum or Teamchat. Friendlist option for Whispered Link sounds like a good idea, but ofc there would still be ppl falling for it. Point is: these ppl will be dumb their whole life and will get scammed over and over no matter what you do on that link thing.
  9. Well all this problem wouldnt be, if links would be clickable in whisperchat. but its not. Make at least that possible so u can whisp to an asking person with a related link.
  10. Can you ad weatherball? Because I´m wondering if its still available for 30k bp?
  11. i cant login rn! NOOOO this was my event, im master of bad luck, srsly....
  12. +1 I´m new and made a comp team for NU. At havin3 competives, i decided to give it a try just for checking the other NU Players. Bullshit, 20 minutes in matchmakingqueqe without any match. So i am selling my NU´s now for OU´s. Because it makes no sense, i woint get BP and i understand why only highendgamelevel players take the ffort for NU. There should be a consistend demand for all pokemons and use and it is the work of designers, to find solutions for that. I´m sure they are at it already. So tell us ur plans. This would bring alot of sense to this discussion, while our thooughts seem to be complete senseless. When there are tiers and tier policies, why not say: NU 500BP per win, UU400BP, OU350BP + an amount for winstreaks. OR: "you can´t choose this Tier(UU/OU), you have to have sucess(10wins ex.) in the lower tiers before.
  13. 31/30/30/31/30/31 from this Thread it should be water... But someone just shown me this page where it is: BUG http://www.psypokes.com/dex/hp.php
  14. http://www.azurilland.com/tools/team-builder#978|678|1450|728|788|739| Worked it over by moving forward into competive play. What i figured out is, that i miss alot of pokes in DEX. So when planning i rely mostly on older gen´s. I wish, you could help me there with some info about the Pokemons i won´t consider since they are shades in my Pokedex :( Grumpig came in for Mr.Meme It fulfills more the bulky psychotype, moveset is Torment, Trick, Extrasensory/psych(a pp question),Signal beam/Shadowball Nature bold? for more tankness, since i gotta heal it with wish if needed. Golem stays because i like. I want to use him as Physwall, therefor is sturdy better or would you say rockhead/double edge? Rockslide,EQ,Rest,Sleeptalk if sturdy. Double edge,EQ,Rockslide,empty slot maybe some protection? Raichu and Flareon im not sure, somehow want to use both and maybe even both with wish/protect. But if that is too much, i´d go for flareon as special attacker. Flareon (could do several things) Faketears/bodyslam,Flamethrower,Firespin/protect,wish Raichu(as support) Wish, Protect,Twave,volt tackle Scyther(as late sweep) Endure,Revesal,Substitute/Wing Attack,Sword Dance Dewgong(as bulky) Icebeam,Surf,Toxic,Encore/rest
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