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  1. 2 hours ago, Kanzo said:

    lol when people think barca is good again. xD


    They were playing against a 60 years old barzagli with an amateur benatia. 

    Just wait til bentancur bernardeschi develop and find the syngery with the rest of the team. And ofc when lord chielini is back with hopefully a new talent CD. 


    Barca wont get to finals of CL this season 100% sure.

    Lmao don't worry, I wasn't being serious with the treble comment. Stranger things have happened, but the club is in way too much of a mess for that right now tbh. Don Andres looked great yesterday but he hasnt got the legs to do it week in week out anymore, and the rest of the midfield is so mediocre it's a joke, apart from Busi ofc. Also Suarez hasn't been Suarez for quite some time now.


    I have pretty much 0 expectation for this year, and all other years until the current board is done and can stop using the club's money to fund shady overseas business deals... 

  2. 1 hour ago, RysPicz said:

    Semedo from Barcelona played really, really well. Considering current prices, this guy was a steal.


    Also Messi a god but we all know that already

    Rakitic looked like he could be bothered vs Juve too, haven't seen that for a while. Funny how after the summer from hell Barca have started this season so good, and a bit of the opposite for Real. Treble incoming. 

  3. 8 minutes ago, londark said:

    >We are losing agaist spain in the middle of the field


    No shit, with only 2 midfileders....shitty 4-2-4, and shitty coach

    Feel for you, don't think we have been amazing tonight but Isco was out of this world. I'm actually really confident for the WC, Lopoteugi is making the right calls. 

  4. Boy it's a bad time to be a Barca fan right now =[. We are the laughing stock of Europe (apart from Arsenal ofc). Last minute negotiations for rat-face Di Maria falling through, how low can we stoop? 


    Benedito launching a vote of no-confidence atm...hope it goes through, although Barca is still a joke even if Bartomeu and his criminal cronies leave. 



  5. Just to add to the OP, here is exactly what I would like to see added (whether this is at all possible I don't know):


    -The option to allow extra spaces for a certain rank. Currently the format says 3 Exec, 5 Commander. I think it would be nice if we could change that ourselves in the team specific options- to make 4 Execs, 6 Commanders etc. 


    -The option to re-name ranks. This is probably less simple/less likely to happen than the above, but it would be nice if we could make/name our own ranks within the team - Underboss, etc. 


    Those are pretty much the two main things for me. I know there's other team related stuff which people have suggested on here before (like renaming teams or increasing space) but all in all I'd just like to see teams have a bit more flexibility/control over the way their team is set up. Doesn't seem too major, but please let me know if I'm wrong. 




  6. As boss of HERB, I constantly find that the current rank system for teams is pretty restrictive with a) the number of people who can be a certain rank, b) the general lack of rank customisation options available for teams.  For example, it would be nice if we could add our own ranks to the team, so that there's something in-between commander and officer, etc. I know you can change privileges so that certain ranks get certain options available, but I think a bit more flexibility and acknowledgement that different teams use different systems would be really helpful. It's not a big deal, and IDK how hard it is to programme on developer's part, but it would make life easier (for me anyway). 

  7. 1 hour ago, notmudkip0 said:

    I expected dragon from you tbh

    I'll take elec or dragon (in case Jordzi doesnt swap)

    Haha nah, I run mono water whenever I bother playing MM and sometimes in HERB tournaments; so I have a decent (but not outstanding) idea of how to play it. 


    Like I said I'm happy to be reserve if other people think they are stronger than me, but it would be cool to give it a go. Put me down as a gym leader plz =]. 

  8. 15 hours ago, mmead said:

    Dragonite (Non-Legendary)

    I stumbled upon this majestic creature way back when I had first played through my original Red version, and I was fishing in the Safari Zone. I found a Dratini and wondered "What are you? What do you evolve in to?" so I caught one and trained it. Dragonite carried me through the Pokemon League, and I have loved it to death ever since. Dragonite has one of the best stat sets and move pools (even though Ice Punch is no longer a thing on them in the newer gens Q~Q) of any Pokemon to date, and will always own a special place in my heart. Dragonite is also the reason I don't believe in the concept of "Tiers", as I believe that you should NEVER be limited on your choice of Pokemon, and should ALWAYS use the Pokemon YOU want to use, not what society tries to force on you based on stats. My favorite type is the "Dragon" type, because of this friendly behemoth.


    Preach brother. 

  9. I'm way more relaxed about IVs than I used to be, so 28+ is usually fine now when I would have dismissed it before, but it does make a difference. You want to give yourself the biggest edge possible to win matches, and if your mon lives a hit with 1 or 2hp because you took the time to make sure you hit 31 in said stats, or does that extra bit of damage to KO where it wouldn't before, then it makes it worth it. Admittedly those circumstances don't come up all that much but it's always nice when it does. It's like PP Maxing, some people just don't want to take any chances. 

  10. Dragonite.


    In every single handheld game ever, Dragonite has been my main guy. From Gen 2 onwards, I used a cheat catridge so that I could get a Dratini starter instead of the normal ones; it wouldn't feel right doing it any other way. The first few series of the anime made me love Dragonite. From the way it was presented all mystical with the lighthouse to the way Drake's Dragonite pulverised Ash's whole team. From a design perspective too I think Dnite looks awesome, don't see the goofy Barney the dinosaur comparison at all. 


    Sadly the anime has changed the way he looks now (trash) but we'll always have the handheld old school Dragonite design. 

  11. I feel like secret base decorations really aren't that expensive...


    That being said, IIRC in the handhelds you could win a statue or trophy of some kind from contests to use in your base, or it might have been a painting? It would be cool if we could implement that. 

  12. 2 hours ago, tMuse said:

    Looking for some tips to improve my team. Just rip it apart :) Ty in advance!


    Milotic / Leftovers / Calm / Marvel Scale

    EV: 252HP / 252DEF / 6SPATK

    IV: 31HP / 31DEF / 31SPATK / 31SPDEF / 31SPD







    This is just personal preference but I think bold Milo is absolutely the way to go. Your EV spread is fine but imo she is a physical wall and not a special one - since so many of the best special attackers in the tier (Jolt, Ala, Venusaur) have the ability to set up (calm mind, growth) and also recover any damage Milo can do, even with mirror coat which is pretty ez to spot beforehand. If you can get HP elec then even better, because then she shuts down Gyra so hard. Bold Milo also counters other physical threats like banded Aero, Flygon and Blaiz.  She's just much better at walling those mons and killing back with surf. Don't keep her in vs Hera, you will get smacked. Calm nature means that switching into a banded rock slide from aero or eq flygon etc will hurt a lot more. Also I think a lot of the time here once you rest, good players will see sleepytalk coming and switch out to something which can really hurt Milo, rather than wasting their time battering at marvel scale - which again leads to the aforementioned set up and die scenario. 


    As for moveset, recover is the way to go. Not just useful for general purposes but you can also use it to scout sets. For example, letting her take a hit from Slaking or Medicham and insta recover to see if scarf/band etc. It's pretty much impossible to OHKO Milo psychically without prior setup so no risk really.


    TLDR: Milo has limited special wall capacity. Make the most of her best factors, and go bold nature, or run haze. 

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