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  1. Just gonna make one final bump for this before tonight! 6 more sign ups and I'll chuck in another comp for first place.
  2. I'm gonna be mega strict with the timing for this one btw, since even starting at 6PM means we'll be pushed to finish before the official starts. So everyone who is playing, please try and be there at least 10/15 mins before the start.
  3. I'm more than happy to change the time if it suits more people better, anytime from 4pm BST onwards works for me. Although people have signed up for 7PM already, so I don't wanna lose participants... EDIT: I've changed the time to 6PM BST. I'll mail everyone who is on the signup list IG, to let them know. @aftershocker @DiDi couldn't mail you guys IG so tagging you here. Hope you can both still come!
  4. If we get another 10 sign ups I'll chuck in a comp Marowak as well.
  5. Bumpy bump bump. LF more signups! Sadly I don't have any updates to make to the prizepool as of yet, but hopefully soon!
  6. I hate Vermillion. Force Bill to share his PC so we can all hang out at Cerulean Cape, <3 beautiful hometown.
  7. Haha what? I rebred it in the end as a wall...but still don't use it = more wasted $$$ EDIT: Just to qualify, I wasn't saying modest Clefable is trash, I just found it hard to use/was a waste of money for me.
  8. Spending an enormous amount of money (3 mill+) on a HP elec Ninetales only to realise it was pretty useless. This x100 for other useless mons which were cool in concept but trash in practice, looking at you modest Clefable. Screwing up the only official tournament I've actually cared about playing (on Friday). Got to QF, played like trash vs JHow. Still hurts. First time back on this game after 2 years last July, went straight to the breeder to try and pick up my old mons. Took me 20mins+, a forum post and some guy telling me KYSK to work out that I needed to change controls just to speak to NPCs. Rip the noob days.
  9. Super serious post… I like that this game is fantastically unique. Compared to something like Pokemon Showdown, where it feels like your Pokemon are just rented, the whole experience of training/owning/having your own Pokemon and being able to use them in battles, and have them as followers, is really enjoyable for me. Not only that, but Pokemmo battles are not polluted by cancerous and obnoxious legendaries. For this, I am very grateful. While I’m not looking forward to Gen 5, I hope that my favourite pokes continue to be viable. But srsly, thank you for this game <3
  10. Snorlax is allowed. You don't even need Ubers to win an Ubers tournament tbh. It helps sure, but Mence, Dnite, TTAR and Dugtrio are mostly countered by any bulky water (Swamp/Milo/Vap/Slowbro) and Gengar = pursuit trap. Not that you need me to tell you any of this haha, just don't let lack of Ubers put you off. Think of the $$$.
  11. If we get good participation then I will try to turn it into a monthly thing, although the prizes won't always be this high lol
  12. So on Saturday 15th July, HERB will be hosting a tournament that's open for everyone to compete in. I'm aiming to make the prize pool of this tournament absolutely enormous (see details below) so we'd love for as many of you to come along as possible. SIGN UP HERE http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/zNWkxwoehR Saturday Spectacular! Location: Lilycove City, Hoenn - Contest Hall, Channel 7 Date and time: Saturday 15th July 2017, 6PM BST Tier: OU/Ubers, 6 vs 6 singles, LVL 50 tournament mode. Bans: Wobbufet, Baton Pass and OP Items. Clauses: Tournament mode, so species clause, sleep clause, op items, evasion clause, OHKO clause etc. all apply. Format: Single elimination. Entrance fee: 20k per person. Prizes The below prizes are just what I am donating myself. I'll be asking HERB members if they want to make a donation throughout the week, so there is a decent chance that the prizes will increase (for every place). I'll update as and when we get a donation, so keep checking back here for info! Likewise, if anyone outside of HERB wants to donate to the prizepool when just whisper me IG. 1st place = 1,500,000 Pokeyen, plus a Comp Rash Charizard with HP Grass (if anyone wants extra details then whisper me IG), plus any extra donations. Plus you'll get your picture in the HERB Hall of Fame. 2nd place = 1,000,000 Pokeyen, plus any extra donations. 3rd place = 500,000 Pokeyen, plus any extra donations. Signup link is at the top of the page. Hope to see as many of you there as possible!
  13. This tournament was extremely fun. Please do more of these!
  14. Hype. Thanks for running this, really looking forward to it!
  15. First ever shiny was a shiny Skarm, on here. I sold for 30 mill (noob error so probably could have got more). Used it to breed my whole team + more. Every day I thank Arceus for dropping that magnificent bird into my lap. One of my favourite ever posts on here was the guy who stepped straight out of Oak's lab, no pokeballs, first encounter shiny Rattata. Somebody plz dig that up, was comedy gold.
  16. Why does that make a difference? Whether I have 1 hour or a million hours playing this game (2k+ btw) I'm still perfectly entitled to use whatever Pokemon I want, regardless of whether you like it or not. So yeh, please take your hate elsewhere.
  17. The tier council says you can't use Ubers in matchmaking or non doubles tournaments. The tier council doesn't say you aren't allowed to use them in casual/fun singles matches if you wish; otherwise there wouldn't be an option to do so.
  18. Or you could try not being narrow minded and accept that some people want to use their favourite Pokemon, regardless of whether they are allowed in comp. If you don't like it, don't accept a match request from those people.
  19. I think this is a cool idea! Here's my tip: Don't flame people for using ubers. Read the match request before you accept it. If you do accept a match request with a tier you don't like on, then you only have yourself to blame (win or lose). Just don't be an asshole, basically. Fwiw, the title of this thread is a tad misleading. 'Good player' implies skill/tips for improving in battles, not tips on etiquette =].
  20. Three birds + Latias/Latios would be cool but other than that the majority of legendaries (Celebi, Suicune, Jirachi) are obnoxious as hell, and give cancer a new meaning. Don't need them imo.
  21. Dw, when the new gen comes Milo will probably slide into UU </3 =[
  22. Buff: Dragonair (such a nice looking pokemon, such a trash pokemon) Nerf: Breloom Delete: Snorlax (Gamefreak's biggest mistake)
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