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  1. Team Name: [Aw] AsgardWarriors Team Captain: Enchanteur Players: Enchanteur [2022-05-21] Frags [2021-11-19] Axellgor [2022-05-21] Arca [2022-08-05] Zhiko [2022-07-29] Lkrenz [2021-11-19] Haazuu [2022-01-30] Facursa [2022-05-29] xPauu [2022-05-21] LaMikotoMisaka [2022-06-08] xNotyourfriend [2022-05-21] TiToooo [2022-05-21] KiiritoX [2022-02-12] JamesFaul [2022-06-09] Ysdrag [2021-12-23] SxTerrOr [2022-04-07] OoKingoO [2022-07-30] Bautissj [2022-06-18] ZozoMgl [2022-05-03] Legendl [2021-11-23] Sicklonerr [2022-04-13] SrFrankostra [2022-06-20] Escanor [2021-11-24] Jefsu [2022-07-30] Oxizakre [2022-07-13] Tier choices: Option 1 Team Selection Process: Option 1
  2. Team Name: [Aw] AsgardWarriors Team Captain: Enchanteur Players: Enchanteur, Frags, Axellgor, Arca, Zhiko, Lkrenz, Haazuu, Facursa, xPauu, LaMikotoMisaka, xNotyourfriend, TiToooo, KiiritoX, Ernestocast, JamesFaul, Ysdrag, SxTerrOr, OoKingoO, Bautissj, ZozoMgl, Legendl, Sicklonerr, SrFrankostra, Escanor, Jefsu Tier choices: Option 1 Team Selection Process: Option 1 (NoHa better get in)
  3. IGN: Axellgor Tiers: Untiered Insallah fake duke member cali does not pick me
  4. As tittle says, looking for offers on this wild alpha
  5. 10/10 thanks for the awesome service
  6. IGN: Axellgor Country/Region: Spain Tiers: OU, UU, NU
  7. It's not the same since you play 1 only and others play 3 ?
  8. 3 different tiers, not formats, singles and dubs are the only formats. I dont mind playing ou uu nu, but when I'm forced to only play dubs its an issue. It's not the same as you if you're saying you gotta learn all 3 singles tiers because dubs is the only one you know.
  9. I get that, but there is a difference between playing OU, UU, NU and not dubs, versus playing dubs and not the other 3. Imo you're a versatile player if you can play all the singles tiers, forcing someone to play a whole different format when there are 3 other options available is definitely cheesy as havs said.
  10. It would be better for the event since currently you'd have to be well versed in dubs to attain some of these badges. If you lose the first time, you have to wait 3 days just to play a gym leader again in a format you don't play much.
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