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  1. ign zhiko tiers ou uu ubers fluff idk
  2. Team name: Atr Team captain: Zhiko Players: Arca,Zhiko,Enchanteur y titooo
  3. I don't know you so don't worry I won't buy you
  4. I edited it because the most pro of the server asked me to
  5. IGN: Zhiko Motivation: I’ve managed in PSL before where my team reached the finals, and I’ve also been in the finals as a player. I know what it takes, and want to give it another shot. I have knowledge of every tier, resources, and the experience to win this season. Competitive Accolades: Over 20 official wins, won the World Cup with Argentina, won many team tournaments with Aw. Fluff: If I’m selected as manager I will make sure to win it this time
  6. What a short memory you have, you forget that I am your father
  7. the reason why we didn't put dubs is because for me it sucks
  8. Here is a clear example of a player who will not be able to participate
  9. if you are one of our hate let's hope we don't see you because you won't play
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