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  1. Team name: SimplyLemonade Team tag: LËM Registered players: CupidofSorrow, Asholawoye, TWOTAM, SansastarkX, Beebam, Ademaya, Dwaasje, PepsiMax, atclifestyle, HF, jcolass, IIV, Ivven, Caasig, Zuladra, Ishean Team Captain: CupidOfSorrow
  2. In-game name: asholawoye Forum name: liamolaowye Tier signed up: for UU Country: 1st- Canada 2nd- Nigeria 3rd Discord username: asholawoye
  3. It was meant to be suggestion (i'm new to all this forum business)
  4. pfft im waiting for the next vvvv goon to type here amuse me @OrangeManiac
  5. I did not get butt-hurt my guy?, your so fucking blind, can you please read the fucking post before you respond. Your telling me to grow the fuck up, my guy i'm fucking woke. Also i'm not making myself;f a victim I just stated that me and Orange opinions clashed and his VVVV goons are here to support him and lets be fucking real here, if OrangeManiac weren't involved you would have gone about your business. Nize your rickety beak my Yoski
  6. You're the typical waste yute, you VVVV teammate seem to be reading wrongly It was a suggestion my guy, lol im the clown?, you called a man snowflake your fruity af, nize ur beak, and if you look at Orangemaniac's second response it's clear that I was not the one who started this issue.
  7. "snowflake"LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO you're a wasteman off yourself jussss nowww my guy xDDDD
  8. when u criticize a vvvv teammate the others attack you
  9. so for example you have two leagues (league A and League B) league A being superior to League B, 10 players within each league. Last 2-3 players of League A gets demoted to League B, and top 2-3 players of league B gets promoted to league A.
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