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  1. iirc I used stantler for more hp and sustain while grinding amulette coins vs 5 hordes but only for thieving
  2. quite simple, on friday the staff will announce the event, we catch for 1 hour after that you have 10 minutes to submit the Pokemon to a staff member they usually write in global chat "taking entries"
  3. Sup again 😄 follow kyu in this forum, you´ll get notified if theres something around the corner also events wont show up ingame as an Icon they just get patched into the game nah currently you can only obtain the masterball you gain through each of the storys you cant use the balls for legendaries yet you can use it for a shiny geodude as exmaple that has explosion to safecatch it. you said, you play for a while now? then you should have the hm fly? 😄 if not I can teach it one of your mons. Friday is another event depends where u live you can use the time converter. whenever you beat trainers or gyms or E4, you earn pokedeollars, if you have for example 3.000.000 Pokedollars, you can buy 1.000Rp from the gtl and use them for ocarinas or fashion items. (ofcourse the prices varies depends on the request and offers) Im not exactly sure what u mean but you´re able to buy RP Points, through paypal, paysafecard, giropay credit card and some more- lets say you want to buy 5.000 Rp Points it costs 50dollar + fees and VAT (So i would have to pay 65,36 Euros where I live). you can check it yourself through the bottom right tab "Gift Shop" > Get more reward Points.
  4. Hey its always nice have people enjoy the game and throw some Ideas in. -Actually nobody uses Daycare theres no need, you figured it out its to expensive instead use ev- and lvling service by people or lvl them yourself. + the games needs their money sinks. -there was an event just like 2 weeks ago, and part3 of the event is coming soontm- also we got xmas, halloween, newyears events,you joined right intime 🙂 you should prepare for them! 😄 - your Idea is quiet good, an event that lasts for a certain amount of time repeatedly. Rewards, fees and effort must thought through really well before people start abusing the market or the rewards w/e. - an extra masterball would be funny for longterm players who used theirs already, gifting legendary pokemons through events would break the meta and pvp (iirc the staff already has Ideas how to implement legendaries into the game) / exp boost are available through EXP-Charms 25% / 50% / 100% you get them through events by opening chests/bags, or just buy them in the GTL. / HM moves are actually easy to obtain bro 😄, if not you can buy them as ocarinas anytime. -We need more content thats true. 😄 -wont work like this, this will definetly get abused by creating more accounts or using more devices also this game is not about RP its about Pokedollar, if you want Rp you´ve to pay or grind alot since u are able to buy RP with Pokedollar. the staff is already doing alot of pvp & pve events every week if you win there you will get up to 1000Rp ( 10 dollar ) -This money system your talking about may come from some Japanese mmorpgs? 😄 If you just started the game, your request are definetly justified but you should play more and get a better view of the market and the upcoming events before asking for a complete rebuild of the ingame currency. greetings
  5. Thats nice! I would love to see that!! through the time save the value might drop a little but who cares indeed, its even better more people might start shunting start planting berries for themselves- like me I would totally start berry farming, but its to much of a time costs right now.
  6. Im not against you idea Im just guessing the plans for the HA´s are for now on already decided. Some HA´s have been released and part 3 is on its way with 50evolutions of pokemon including HA´s sure, they can change or add more or even adjust content later- like your Idea with a dungeon but they said that HA´s going to be implemented in a slowly progress during swarms or sth like this, so theres no point building a dungeon around HA´s, the focus right now should be HA´s itself and if possible new content and that ASAP 😄 - and later on when they finish it, then your Idea sounds fun. you meany ;-; told me that I thought superficially about it but you "just throw an inspiration in here and ping kyu with it" 😄 also you meant event only items and not Limited :3 Anyway I like your Idea but for the future when HA´s been fully released.
  7. The Idea of Dungeons and "playable (not to op) legendarys" is already there for a while now. Even tho I agree with you that we need some coop stuff ASAP I dont think that mixing up dungeons with the upcoming Hidden Abilitys is worth it. Just because Dungeons are fun to play doesnt mean that they can just add them into the game without further Ideas. Also the entry should be a limited event item? you good? 😄 I´m not paying 15 dollar to enter a dungeon lmao. If I remember correctly they said, they are going to bring back Hidden abilties and Alphas during some specials swarms, they´ve already made their plans with HA.
  8. I keep checking (╯ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)╯ ┻━┻ July or August? longer break or shorter break?
  9. well if you found a secret shiny in the first couple days you could earned alot, the alpha bulba shiny what just got bred is worth billions atm, if your lucky you can get rich really fast if your not lucky youve to play around the market and try to make good investments for the future or grind alot. in every mmo or game theres something you wanted but cant get unless you played during that time or paid alot of money. Like WoW those old Mounts League of Legends Old Skins people who bought stuff back than and supported the game in the early days shouldnt be punished now with a value cut. But yea Its true that new players who are joining right now and seeing those numbers believe that thos numbers are impossible to get, but Its do able over time or with a massive wallet 😄 If you buy something now and hold on to it for some years, like they did , you´ll be rich. Also the Money that you can hold or send im not sure, just got increased with the latest update? iirc
  10. I dont mind a little break at all x) I think I´ll never forget all Locations from the Kanto´s map after this event
  11. Thanks for your feedback! :3 I´ll keep farming thats for sure! This event is made to be easier so everyone can beat the boss or trainers even newcomer but I would be highly suprised seeing them at 5k. Also you get medaillons from it aswell and after the event ends, for my understanding they will be useless. golden chests might be worth the risk. But thats my Point because of all that being said I would like to see features around it so people can decide what source of income or outcome or action they wanna spend/gain/do throughout the event. ? Im on Donator and im trying my best to find one! Bless you too ❤️
  12. My small opinion and Ideas for future events. I really like the ongoing event but I would like to see some extra features or buffs for everyone. what I´ve learned by playing other games and events its not only the Event itself that brings fun to me, its also that you can decide what u wanna do during that time. Publishers gives people bonuses for being there, playing their games throughout their Event. The Event you made is awesome no doubt and we got pve and pvp based contet, a sneak peak to Alphas. new vanities, Shiny Charms and it this is just part two out of three- thanks for all that! But there could be more this definetly sounds greedy and and ungrateful but thats not my intention. I´ll try to explain, I dont wanna chase after Trainers or boss battles or swarms the whole time. I know its been only the 2nd day and if I choose to grind alot thats my own fault but if this keeps going, to be honest I´ll lose interest but at the same time I dont wanna miss out that being said adding featurues around it will make you feel still taking part in it. Also its a mmorpg its about money aswell, its getting pretty low everywhere rp,vanities,chests etc. its only about fun x) Some random Ideas "10th Anniversary Battle Points Bonus 20%" whoever likes to play pvp can now grind pvp "10t Anniverary Shiny Charm Bonus 10%" whoever wants to find shinies instead, now its time Shiny Charm + 10th anniversary bonus. Hell Yea! I think those features also helps the event economy maybe not going to low, since people are able to do something else like shiny hunting/breeding and taking a break from the actual event and using the bonuses instead. for myself I definetly would try to catch a shiny for a while and dont have the urge to grind the crap out of those trainer battles. Small events during normal weeks "This Weekends Pickup/Thief event" there is a chance you might steal 2 Items from a pokemon using thief/pick up thief/pick up bonus might be unreasonable now but thinking outside of the event = Ev tranining with benefits / Pick up farmers with more income. ( we have to appreciate those EV-services or Farmers for stocking up the gtl with leftovers or other Items on a daily basis) "Breeding Week" You might be lucky that your Pokemon gets a rare Particle or Ribbon when hatching. (Well finally!! After all those years we´ve been paying this grandpa, who takes two of our pokemons and gives us one back ) x)) I think those events need to be programmed only once. (until you add new content and revise it) but what I mean is you should just "activate" it (like donator status) ----Just basic Ideas not even throughfull at all but with a little spice from the devs team this might can be something to think over it for the future, Im not sure how this affect the shiny economy or how to programm this into the game but this is anyway your challange :D---- Thanks for reading! thats enough of a break now go back and beat RED
  13. Thanks Kyu & Dev Team ❤️
  14. yea I think its been confirmed for the event that there will be pve and pvp features for sure?, for the 3rd part and the bigger content update I dont even care I just wanna do something new, dungeons or hidden ability or even some small legendarys to keep w/e just something new to go through and grind. Im not sure about johto but would be funny aswell xD and YES in vanities we trust xD
  15. Hey I wanted to reinstall your encounter is it currently bugfree? cause updates and stuff ? I used it before it was great.
  16. Cool Idea! So if you start single encountering and find a shiny- can you see it already from the battle text or sprite if its ultra rare or only after you caught it? ?
  17. RIP friend accidently used him for egg shiny hunting x.x
  18. Yo welcome back man! well first of all if you have any vanities cosmetics on you, you might be very rich now, not sure if they released something in 2012 XD This guy does alot of pokemmo content https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5xhFlWBLfJAYmrNbMuLMQQ but you should first finish all the stories before grinding money or or rerun gyms also lucky eggs and amulette coins are now consumable.
  19. I will try this tomorrow awesome lol!
  20. and if u you read the comments in kyus post you see I left a comment there, but I Im still not sure if he was joking or if it was an april fool it was like half hour away from 1st april for me too just curious asking cause why not posting it in here instead
  21. so its getting delayed or did I got fooled ? I dont mind but I would like to know for working reasons xD maybe I want to take some days off x))
  22. Pog! Im hyped (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) is there any chance you can bring back Shiny Charms once again for that anniversary stuff like shiny charms shouldnt be just a once in a year thing imo, some people out there only Shiny hunting and its getting hella expensive..
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