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  1. And lets just all agree here. All these threads, and all of this nonsense could've been avoided if the devs just got off their asses and listened to the community months ago when people suggested to change the color of the 100RP and 1,000RP vouchers because it was too similar. Instead, they went on to talk down to the community, be complete narcissists, describe economics to us like we're children, but completely fuck it up using terms for medical subjects/trials/experiments and actually backed themselves into a corner before shutting the thread, and then finally had to implement a cap to the price of the 100RP voucher. But coming from people who support Moemon, it's obvious they make questionable decisions in their life.
  2. I know right? I've been trying to figure it out too. You should ask the staff why they don't enforce using actual lies and deception to scam noobs out of shinies and items, not me. Should probably ask a large large majority of the community as well why this is acceptable to "get yourself a good deal". Should probably teammates. Definitely some of your teammates. Once we clear up why actual scamming is supported by the staff and community, we can address other things.
  3. I love how everyone completely ignores the fact that I mention that actual scamming is completely ignored, because it benefits them. Can you read? It might be a challenge for you. Were you greedy and sniped 100RP for 2m because you were too greedy and didn't read? The trick was them seeing if you were foolish, greedy, and quite frankly dumb enough to buy something without reading. It worked. Is this the same greed that causes people to actually scam noobs through lies and deception? But this is acceptable, supported, and will not be regulated since it benefits the veteran players. The hypocrisy of this community is fucking pathetic.
  4. We all know my stance on this issue. We all also know that I sit here going "wtf? how is this a scam but actually scamming is not a scam? one benefits their friends, the other didn't". What about "fair trade" with lies and deception to gain the trust of and convince others to sell you their items/pokes for very cheap prices? Tricking a greedy sniper on GTL who didn't read is bad, but outright scamming a new player is fully acceptable.
  5. Find a team and they'll be able to help you too.
  6. Interesting read. The downfall is that this is that it goes so far over the heads of the community who can't even figure out a basic percentage.
  7. I'll just respond to the GTL sniping thing. Yes it's extremely common for things to get sniped instantly. That said, I do find it quite odd how sometimes a full 99 stack of an item will disappear instantly. With the amount of people sniping on GTL, being able to go through the prompts and input 99 before a user smashes a button only twice is a bit odd. There might be something to that that isn't purely human.
  8. Was searching for another topic, but came across this instead. Is this a reverse GTL Scam and the buyer is now allowed to have the sniper banned?
  9. Really stunned random bots found this site.
  10. I can't read anything here and google translate is completely confused.
  11. Very true. And changing the color of the 100RP and 1,000RP has been up for 2 months, so this might just be closer to the trash pile since it's just ignored by the Devs.
  12. I mean, as of now we have people being permabanned because others couldn't read, without warning, because the devs made a bad choice on colors for the vouchers. We have snipers getting sniped themselves and crying to the mods that they didn't read before verifying that they want to buy something. Price manipulation and crap happens all the time on the GTL. Poison elfbot hats got scooped up and relisted today. Are we going to fine or ban the person who did that? They jacked priced from 400k up to 700k last time I checked, they're tricking people with fake scarcity. This example is OK, but listing 100RP for 2m is bannable because someone didn't read when they bought it. "gaining the confidence of a noob and tell them their shiny is only worth 500k and you should sell it to them" is also completely ignored which is far worse than the "GTL Scam", yet here we are. And yes, that is a scam according to the actual definition of the word, not whatever nonsense definition the devs/mods want to go by. I've had "well respected" members of the community try to scam me on my alts by telling me a shiny is worth 1/3rd its actual value and "they're giving me a good deal I should just take it". I got muted for bringing it up instead. Devs/Mods protect actual fucking scamming here for some weird ass reason and make up new names for other stuff because people can't actually read. I think that's my biggest gripe about the whole stupidity they just did. I know I'm not the first person who someone tried to bamboozle out of a shiny, but they were on an alt and called them out on it instead, and I got muted for calling a scammer a scammer.
  13. Also, so if I mess up and buy something by accident, can I then get a refund? I mean, if this is how we're treating this.
  14. Almost fucked up and bought this Charmander for 25k because I thought it was going to be a 6x31 natured pokemon, but I used my eyes instead and didn't buy it. Is this GTL Scamming? This pokemon is clearly overpriced, or is it? What does the market think? Can you please implement price caps on non-31 pokemon so I don't accidently buy something?
  15. Quite simple. They have no idea what they're doing and one of them or their teammate got bamboozled by the 100RP voucher.
  16. It's not different at all. Are we allowed to contact staff when we list something too cheap and it gets sniped now? Or is that not allowed? It's such a bad decision and just makes the mods who made this decision look absolutely out of touch and foolish. And lets get back to basically encouraging people to scam out of their pokes/items by lowballing the hell out of them, I thought this is OK because the price is agreed upon? The price on GTL was agreed upon for the item, why is one encouraged and the other frowned upon? That's just poor biased moderation right there.
  17. No, the text is clearly readable and the numbers are clearly readable. They screwed themselves over. They had every opportunity not to buy that item for 10x the cost, yet they still did. See?
  18. So, the sniper loses because they didn't read something that was clearly displayed right in front of them. And?..... Why is this bad when deliberately "tricking noobs into thinking their pokemon and items aren't worth anything" is supported and celebrated? That's basically scamming, and in fact the definition of scamming. Is is because one is harming the richer community and the other isn't? Gotta pick a side here.
  19. People getting ready in hopes of good halloween vanities again. Masks are up because people bought all of them and listed them at higher prices, again.
  20. "Like we could ask ultra rare vanities' owners what kind of offers they get so we have a rough idea of a price range," And then we'll divide that number by 2 for a realistic value.
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