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  1. Hello, I have a question: Can I do a cosplay? Or do I have to be original?
  2. I'll probably be sad of knowing that all my stuff will be forever lost... And then I'll migrate to War Thunder. At some time the Devs are gonna lose interest in this game and then, the game will be finished, like Club Penguin
  3. Well, since you asked... These days I've been playing Minecraft with my brother. I have also been playing chess and right now I'm learning to play the piano (or at least some melodies on it). TL;DR: I have nothing better to do, so...
  4. Agreed, PokéMMO is so boring right now. We should also unban Draco meteor from Hydreigon and give back Swords Dance to Garchomp. /s (?)
  5. Sometimes the best winning move it's not to play ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Bruh I know that. I'm was saying yesterday that the April's Fools Day and the Day of the Holy Innocents are 2 different festivities. The one in April it's all about jokes, a great portion of the world celebrates it and, the most important thing, it's in April. The Day of the Holy Innocents has a difference, another meaning for us to celebrate that day (search in wikipedia). And it is only celebrated in Latin America and Spain so...
  7. I'm on the other side of the spectrum: I played the event 2 hours, got only 2 Xmas presents and the first one gave me a Toy Plane.
  8. Team Name: GhostOfAnarchy Team Tag: GØAT Registered Players: llOphis, xUltrajesusx, Susker, LatiosRol, qmanzanop, Nivus, Rigoox, Vartiou, Magmar, PizzaConewe, equipopuchamon, GuadaX. Team Captain: GuadaX
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