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  1. Almost a Sticky Barb Fail, but, finally!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Shiny Ferroseed after 3 Klinks ❤️ 36th OT
  2. 35th OT and my 3rd Shiny Klink 🙂 Ferroseed next please.
  3. Nerf the shiny rate pls, too op.
  4. Salve amigos, Sorteio de uma Typhlosion 3x31 para Gym Run no meu canal, comente no vídeo para participar!

    Hello, i'm prize draw a 3x31 Typhlosion(Gym Run Lord) on my YT Channel, just comment in that video to participate!


  5. Lol. Posted a lot of links

  6. I Did it! My fav shiny ❤️ 32nd OT MUDKIP after 18579 eggs! Im so happy! MR rares >>>
  7. LipeHaru


    Cya Tear! I'm gonna miss you. I really love your work and you have talent for it. Gl with everything and keep working hard! ❤️
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