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  1. He's doing well, I don't know if it's a bug, when I had the fight vs volkner and flint my 3 pokes weakened me and Barry won the fight. or maybe you need to have some poke with ot for the dex It's the only thing that occurs to me that is failing (google translator sorry)
  2. I forgot to put it, I went 5 times and the only thing I saw was this
  3. it doesn't help me:/ thanks anyway
  4. Professor Rowan does not give me the validation of the pokedex and does not let me get to the postgame, I quote "You have found all the pokemon that are in sinnoh" "Go through my laboratory, I wait for you there!" Outside Dawn says that the professor told him that in spear pillar it could be palkia or dialga
  5. If you exchange a Pokémon with another player, happiness is reset (google translate)
  6. they will be implemented in dungeons "soon"
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