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  1. random hunt, went there for like 30 min and got it no donator gg
  2. Maybe a controversial opinion, but i disagree with this The donator status is almost exclusively used for the purpose of shiny hunting, even when you're farming xp you'd still be calling in hordes which could end up having a shiny in them, a 5% bonus for cash is absolutely not worth the 1m you'd pay for a 7 day ticket, and still not worth it anyways if you were to buy it with real money since you'd get very little profit off of it. You mentioned gym running, the average amount you'd get on a gym would be like 13500 with an amulet coin, and 5% of that is 675. If you were to defeat all gyms in a run (which takes about 2 to 3 hours) you'd get like a 20-22k bonus at best Still, you could argue that there's no downsides to adding a new feature, even if said feature is useless, right? wild guess here, but wouldn't "buffing" this item make RP vouchers more expensive in return? You're just better off buying a donator status for when you're gonna either shiny hunt or level up a lot of mons, not wasting any of your time doing gym runs.
  3. It's been 3 years since i sold this like a moron.. I'm so happy.
  4. You know that glowing red circle you get when someone sends a message in team chat? Or that glowing green circle when someone whispers you? How about we get those for all of the chats? I think this would be especially useful for link chat, but could also work for Global, Channel, Trade, Shout and maybe Normal? An option to turn these popups on/off would also be useful, allowing for us to select which chats we'd like to be notified about.
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