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  1. Features PC UI Refresh The PC UI has been refreshed to better accommodate players on mobile platforms and add new inventory management features: Box name lengths can now be up to 20 characters Boxes can be rearranged by dragging their position Boxes can now be automatically sorted based on various criteria Added a "Show Items" toggle for easy held item viewing Players can now multi-select various entries to move them to new positions or change their box PC Box settings are now saved across mobile / desktop platforms Note: Because PC Box settings are now saved to the server, previous client-side box settings have been reset to default Added various additional filters under the Advanced Search menu for the PC and GTL Multiple items can now be taken from the PC at the same time during multi-selection The maximum PC Expansion Drive count has been increased from 10 to 14 Gen9-1 Move Updates Movepools have been adjusted to reflect Gen9-1 (Scarlet/Violet) move changes. New move are listed below; Note: This changeset also fixes missing moves from some Gen7 sources. Additional changes for levelup moves also occurred in this update. Snowscape has replaced Hail Snow is a battle effect which increases an Ice-type's Defense by 50% for the duration of the snowstorm. Snow lasts 5 turns, or 8 turns if extended by Icy Rock Charge now remains active until the next Electric-type move is used. Ally Switch may now fail if used consecutively This move uses the same failure percentages as Protect, but is counted separately. See below in the Balancing section for details of Protect's changes. Gallade's secondary ability is now Sharpness Sharpness boosts the power of slicing moves by 50%. Moves which are boosted by this ability are noted in their tooltip description. Protean now only activates once per switch-out TM Additions Various tutor moves have been changed to TMs. The following moves were affected: Mud-Slap, Psybeam, Confuse Ray, Poison Tail, Metal Claw, Swift, Icy Wind, Air Cutter, Night Shade, Foul Play, Seed Bomb, Iron Head, Gunk Shot, Iron Defense, Drill Run, Trick, Tailwind, Hyper Voice, Heat Wave, Earth Power, Outrage, Draco Meteor, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, ThunderPunch, Zen Headbutt, Helping Hand, Low Kick, Acid Spray, Headbutt, Selfdestruct, Superpower Other Features Players can now manage their whisper blocking settings in the Settings -> Other menu The /dnd user command has been removed Added a search bar for tiering displays Added another skin tone for players For player-to-player trades, a recent transaction summary can now be found in the Global Trade Link's "Trade Log" tab Balancing Protect's failure percentage has been updated to Gen6+ behavior Success odds are multiplied by 1/3rd for each consecutive use. For example, Protect's success odds will be reduced from 100% -> 33.3% -> 11.1% -> 3.6% for 4 consecutive uses. Previously this move abided by Gen3 rules, where the minimum value was a 1/8th chance of success. Team Preview now shows gender of the opponents Gracidea can no longer be harvested into seeds or crushed into Berry Powder Gracidea's sell price has been updated from $100 to $250 Gracidea's yield has been reduced from 4~6 to 3~6 Bug Fixes Fixed various client crashes Fixed various issues with Macho Brace / EXP Splitter interaction. Fixed an issue where controller inputs would not be mapped correctly if there was no keyboard key bound to a function Fixed an issue where, when reconnecting while interacting with a Mart, the client could become stuck Added an animation for egg hatching Extra animations can be turned off in the Settings menu Fixed an issue where duplicate entries for Lures would show up in the Dex for certain entries (e.g. Crobat) Fixed an issue where Magic Room would cause a targeting error in-battle when it ended Fixed an issue where, when using Elixirs in battle, a message would play stating it had no effect Fixed Natural Gift typing shown in various UIs When an item is held, the type of this move will now be updated to reflect the move type, if any. When no berry is held, typing is now considered "???" and will show no label. Fixed an issue where Wide Guard / Quick Guard increased Protect-type moves' failure percentage if they failed to be used Fixed an issue where, if a player used a Repel while a Lure was very close to ending, they could be spammed with many messages about lures wearing off Players can no longer unbind essential hotkeys (A/B/Up/Down/Left/Right) Multiple Gracidea can now be used at once Fixed Curse/Protean's interaction Curse is now targetable in double battles Chatter is no longer blacklisted by Me First Encore can no longer call Sleep Talk Sleep Talk can no longer call Nature Power or Chatter Mimic can no longer call Metronome, Mirror Move, Transform, Struggle, Sleep Talk, Nature Power, Assist, Me First, Copycat, Chatter, or Fling Fixed an issue where Encore's targeting behavior could fail if the user-selected move was not the same as the encored move Fixed an issue where Encore's turn count would be shortened by 1 if used after the target already moved Fixed an issue where Sap Sipper would not suppress secondary stat drop effects of moves such as Leaf Storm Fixed an issue where, if logging out while placing a decoration item in Secret Bases, the client would pretend it's still placing an item upon reconnecting Fixed an issue where Fancy Butterfly Wings' lighting effects wouldn't work properly in GBA regions Fixed an issue where Skill Swap would cause abilities to be activated if it failed to be used Transform now affects the weight of the user Fixed an issue where a Golduck Alpha Swarm in Unova would not be interactable Magic Room now negates Choice item selections Fixed an issue where, when fainting a wild encounter with Sticky Barb with a contact move, the item would not be retained Fixed an issue where, when using Trick against an opponent which had the same Choice item, it would lock the move selection after usage Rules for held item retention against wild encounters have been standardized Previously, held item retention was implemented differently per-move. This led to different behavior depending on what move was used, such as how Trick would never allow held items to be obtained from wild encounters. In general, players are now able to retain a wild encounter's held item as expected if their original held item was destroyed (through consumption or Fling), if they captured the opponent, or if they had no held item at the start of the battle. Wild held items are not retained if the player would have destroyed an Untossable item, or a permanent, non-consumable battle item (such as a Choice Band) Sweet Scent is now used immediately after being prompted to refresh it with a PP item Fixed Trick's message broadcast order Fixed an issue where swapping positions of a party member in a battle box would eat the entry for the target slot Fixed an issue where Darmanitan, while in Zen Mode, would incorrectly use base stats instead of calculated stats for damage calculations Fixed a targeting error which would occur if Rattled was activated by Intimidate The Alpha dex now properly shows Glameow / Lillipup evolution lines (released in LNY 2023) Special Notes Items which were marked with the tag "This item is event-bound. It will become untradeable after this seasonal event is over, and will be deleted at a later date." have been deleted in this maintenance period. This pruning will occur automatically for future events. HeartGold/SoulSilver support is still in-progress. We expect to announce a public test server event for it Soon™
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