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World Cup 3 Week #6

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#ELOisAbsolute #sHaMe #HostsAreNotBots #BlackListIncreases #iChoke #SpendYourMoneyWisely #ModChatForbidden



 World Cup Standings and Schedule: https://challonge.com/es/WorldCup3PokeMMO2020

Standings for groups B and C: https://challonge.com/Groupsbandc


Suspension(s): ----- 


As a reminder:


As a participant in the World Cup, you will maintain respect for your hosts, captains, teammates, opponents, and for yourself at all times. Any unnecessary or excessively inappropriate behavior will result in disciplinary action.



If a player is unable to compete during the week, a captain has the right to substitute that player out of the line-up in exchange for one of his bench players. Any player that has been subbed out will be inactivated for the remainder of that week. The goal of the World Cup is to have every match played in their allotted weeks, but unforeseen events do occur. If a captain is able to make a substitution in order to have the match played, the hosts will ensure that it happens otherwise this will be deemed “inappropriate behavior” for match evading and that manager may risk losing by an activity decision.


  • Contact your opponent by PM on Discord or the PokeMMO Forums as soon as possible.
  • Provide dates and times in order to schedule a match anytime throughout the week.
  • PokeMMO duels will take place in Vermilion city ch4
  • Announce your duel in this thread between 5 & 15 minutes before it starts. If you don't a rematch will have to take place.
  • If you have trouble contacting your opponent, contact your captain and your opponent's captain so the appropriate actions can be made.
  • Extensions will only be given for extreme cases. Playing a match during another week can really set things back. 
  • If you can't find your opponent's forum name or IGN, just go ask with ur captain and then he will speak with the hosts.
  • If your opponent's PokeMMO Forum inbox is full, then contact that player by posting on their profile feed or on Discord
  • When you contact your opponent, present at least three (3) different times that you are available throughout the week, preferably on different days
  • You must respond to a PM by your opponent within 48 hours; if you do not you will need to be subbed out or face an activity decision loss
  • If a substitution is made, it will be as if a new week has started and the players will need to contact one another as outlined above
  • If you are unable to duel during the week, please request a substitution from your captain. Unforeseen events do happen.
  • If you believe your opponent cannot duel or has ignored your PM, please add the host and the related captaons so that they can take appropriate action

Group A

Venezuela A  5 - 1 Columbia B

OU - CristhianArce VS AlejandroGB

UU - Zenenn VS Skulldeus

NU -  Abstractt VS xwhinkz

LC - IIDanielII VS Nallhara

Doubles - xshandow VS Kepzal 

SMOU - xultraJesus VS Flesky Link Here


Chile 3 - 3 Peru A

OU -  JorgeMaximo VS PollitoBlack

UU - KiiritoX VS dioxpro

NU - Sebat VS  Angelorgulloso

LC -  NoWall VS RaiderOP 

Doubles - redav VS Lokiid

SMOU - Kriger VS Fibraxxx



Belgium 4 - 2 Germany 

OU - AwaXGoku VS Chuckunso

UU - Stelian VS RexB

NU - imat VS xAnzar

LC - Zbleeex VS Spxter

Doubles - Kriliin VS Leviatharian

SMOU - LLLLiolae VS Linken Link Here



Group B

Peru B 5 - 1 Turkey

OU -  zAnderson VS tipsizdarkbey

UU -  Mlhawk VS itsgray

NU - ZDFire VS Meekmillz

LC -  Hernjet VS zzzerra

Doubles - AngelosRed  VS Kamowanthere

SMOU - Huargensy VS Oltan



Portugal 2 - 3 Korea

OU - DeusBruno VS Finalonion

UU - xBadBones VS rewchanzzdfa NO CONTEST

NU - JuniorPT VS largeflower

LC - Manytears VS Narikiri

Doubles - Millernine VS grdzick

SMOU - Pachima VS SquirrelMix Link here

Group C

Mexico 4 - 2 Brazil

OU - Rayuwu VS Rafapallet

UU - wallslife VS butalef

NU - Mexidany VS Quakaroto

LC - Baneadito VS  Risadex

Doubles - Crisscy VS jhowcrazy 

SMOU - Camineko VS MakarovMaster


France 2 - 4 Africa

OU Cmawesomee vs Lunarck

UU Eastsiideboy VS Tawla

NU Evenils VS OptimusPrime

LC Poufilou  VS TheDH

DUBS Schuchty VS PoseidonWrath

SMOU Rikoudo VS Ban Havsha Link here


Columbia A 4 - 2 China B


OU - BrianattackPro VS Caosl

UU - Yaritan VS  Wyqnibaba

NU - Jamesfaul VS Sgerard

LC Enchanteur  VS OtoukiO

Doubles - iJulianFNT VS FishCakes

SMOU - Zeldris VS iaputafans Link here




Group D


Canada 2 - 3 Brexit

OU - RAVAEL VS purpleturkleton

UU - Taystee VS BlueBreath

NU - StriderXD VS Zymogen

LC - SenorMorty VS The Amazing HannahTaylor

Doubles - gbwead VS Rendi NO CONTEST

SMOU - The Amazing Toast VS Kloneman Link here


USA 2 - 4 Rest of Europe

OU: Archon VS Bulbasaur

UU: aftershocker VS PowerDrib 

NU: Titinn VS Rynners

Doubles: Cali VS Umbramol

LC: Lotus VS Yettodie

SMOU: NikhilR VS Quinnw  Link Here


Rest Of Asia 2 - 4 Venezuela B

OU - xMikasaAckerman VS ZacMorales

UU - SweetforU VS Epicverde

NU - Kupokun VS LeJovi

LC - Frosteye VS  LonelyWolf

Doubles - InuyashaL VS Guilleex

SMOU - Slavicmedicine VS tMoi Link here





Deadline Sunday June 7th 8PM EDT

Announcements for this week.


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Two Colombia B??


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We got demoted bro

I see Colombia A Your mistaken Jorel Also Updated China B Roster. waiting on the france roster now 

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