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Expand the limit of the tag name to 6-7 letters, plz



Ok, so listen: Don't you think that the 4 letters limit to create a tag for a new team it's a bit TOO short? I mean, what's the purpose of having such a restricted limit of characters in a MMO? I think it should be expanded to 6 or 7 letters, for the purpose of having more creative tags names for our teams and the future ones.

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28 minutes ago, razimove said:

No it was perfectly clear, my question still stands. Its a redudant suggestion.

I know, it's kinda pointless. But it's a suggestion nonetheless. The thing is, I want to make the tag characters limit less restrictive when creating a team.

For example: If i wanna put my tag as [DRAGO], with the current sistem I can't. I have to rename it like [DRGN] or [DRAG] and it could be missleading. Not every tag can be well written with 4 characters.


TL;DR: It's just some QoL improvement, nothing to do with the economy or pvp or something like that. Just a small good change

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I'm going to bump this again, because it's infuriating how small the limit is. 

On 11/10/2020 at 9:44 PM, TheFrenchiestFry said:

Whoa my whole team name would fit in 6-7 letters

Yeah, and? I still think that we need more liberty to create larger tags, to be even more creative.

Like I said, 4 is not enough. With 6 it would be perfect.

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