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PokeMMO PvP Youtube Videos ft AFC Adinho


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Yo what's up guys! My name is AFC Adinho, my friends call me Adinho, but if you're an E-Girl, you may call me tonight! <3

I am a long time competetive Pokemon PVP player (Started in Heart Gold Soul Silver Wifi Battles). To give you an idea of my skill, I peaked rank #15 on the PokemonShowdown gen 7 OU ladder and I've started creating Pokemon PvP content in 2018. The people mainly know me from other Pokemon MMO games. I always do live commentating through my videos to take you guys in my thought proces so my viewers could improve as well. 

Recently I started playing PokeMMO and I've been enjoying it so far. Because I am new to the game, I'll have to farm quite a bit to get my own PvP pokemon, but we are getting there! Now that I have a few PvP mons of my own I am able to hit the ranked ladder and if you are interested in watching some PokeMMO PvP Battles, then you should definitely check out my Youtube Channel!

Youtube: (3) AFC Adinho - YouTube


Twitch: Afc_adinho - Twitch


Discord: https://discord.gg/frtDftK


Instagram: AFC ADINHO (@afc_adinho) • Instagram-foto's en -video's




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