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Changelog: Lunar New Year 2021 (12/02/2021)


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Changelog: 14/02/2021


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several server crashes
  • Fixed an incorrect move description for Quick Guard. Quick Guard does not fail on subsequent uses, though it does affect Protect/Endure moves.
  • Fixed Links broadcasting an invalid character in some situations
  • Fixed players being able to swap out of Devour
  • Fixed an exploit which could allow players to skip the Nian
  • In the LNY Coop Event, the last enemy defeated for each player will no longer aggro immediately upon the next wave's spawn
  • Players inside the LNY Coop Event can no longer sign up for PvP
  • Fixed GTL price caps for items which were available as coin mart items
  • Added Softboiled/Slack Off field effects for the LNY Coop Event
  • Out of battle skill usage / trade requests now tick the AFK timer for activity
  • Fixed an issue where, when reconnecting during a Coop Event battle, players could only Struggle
  • GTL mart item listing price limits are now approximately 5% profit after fees, instead of before fees
  • Fixed addon preview image positioning
  • Fixed an issue where hotbar overrides would not always reset if a player forfeited in the LNY Coop Event, ending the instance
  • Fixed an issue where Dig, when used in the LNY Coop Event, could cause players to get stuck
  • Fixed an issue where OOB moves could cause the client to lock up if used in some cases
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Congratulations to the Lunar New Year 2021 event winners!


Event rewards will be sent automatically to the Top 25 teams at February 22nd 00:00-UTC. As a reminder, players will only receive one reward for their high scores. If multiple high scores are eligible, only the topmost score is credited.


The final results are listed below. Thanks for playing!


LNY 2021

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