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Unfairly Banned for using "Floating Counter App" - Ticket Ignored and unable to create another

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One night I finally talked my brother into playing PokeMMO, and we got all the way to Mt.Moon and decided to call it a night. I played a couple matches of Dota with him, and then I went back to log on PokeMMO before bed. It was then that I found out I was banned.



 I knew I never cheated, but the reason listed was "Prohibited 3rd Party Programs". I thought to myself, how can I be banned for cheating when I wasn't even online? I'd understand if I was shiny hunting or something but I was literally just working my way through Mt. Moon when I logged off.. The only third party thing I could think of was "Floating Counter App" which I had read about in a PokeMMO staff member's post here: 


I realized that's he's staff, and that's no real reason to be banned, so I made a unban request, waited weeks before I could get a single response, and then the person clearly didn't read a single thing that I wrote. He completely ignored my plea of innocence and said that I instead admitted to using third party programs, and that my remorse changed nothing. All I wanted was for someone to read what I wrote, and tell me why I was banned. I accepted mistakes could happen and waited weeks just to be heard, and then was just ignored and given a copy pasted response. Since then, I have been unable to respond to the ticket, create a new ticket of any type. Effectively I have been ignored and sentenced with no way to respond. I mean, Look at my first ticket VS his only reply.


 My TicketHis only response,             and for transparency here's Everything, my first post to my last.


I created a ticket and repeated numerous times that I've only ever used my account on my tablet, and that I've never automated any programs or used any third party software EXCEPT for "floating app counter" which I learned about on a PokeMMO forums staff post (https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/113018-tool-shiny-counter-for-android/). It doesn't do anything but overlay a button over the game and when I press it the counter goes up. It's not hacking or cheating anything, but I wanted to know for sure if that was why I was banned, and not by some mistake. So I admitted that I used it, and the person responding to the ticket said that I admitted to cheating and remorse changes nothing??


The only Third Party Program I have ever used is "Floating App Counter" which is the only reason I brought it up. And if he didn't just ignore my entire post, then that means that is the third party program that I was banned for. I reiterate, in the past 2-3 years I've only ever played pokemmo on my tablet, and if you could just check that, that would show you I am not a cheater. I have had my account since 2015, I have never cheated ever I wouldn't even know how to do that. All I do is log on while im watching netflix, shiny hunt, and log off and I dont even do it that often, I was just starting to get back into the game and the community then I receive this ban, then I practically beg for an answer why, I wait weeks, and then the guy doesn't even take the time to read my ticket and takes my plea of innocence as a admittance of guilt.


I waited weeks to get a response trying to understand why my account was banned, what I could have possibly done having only EVER logged in on a android tablet, and the response I got after weeks was that I admitted to using third party software and even though I'm remorseful it doesn't change anything??? They clearly didn't read a single thing that I wrote over those weeks, that, or an APP that was suggested to me by a STAFF MEMBER is the reason I was banned. (TechnoVortex's Post I linked)


I ONLY admitted to using an app called Floating Counter App which is just an overlay button to count how many encounters I have done... its how I keep track of my shiny hunting and it's only effective if I press it manually with my finger inbetween every encounter.... so it makes no sense to be banned for using it. It's basically like having the notes app overlaying ontop of the pokemmo app and counting by typing in that, but instead it's just a button... and I learned about it from the PokeMMO staff themselves!!!!




The full context



I just feel like I'm being railroaded. I never cheated, I got banned. Being a long time member and donator, I accepted that it could possibly be a mistake and waited weeks for a response after proclaiming my innocence and even bringing a good argument to my defense (having only ever played on an android tablet), to instead be clearly ignored.. do your players mean absolutely nothing to you guys?

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Good day Companioncuybe.

The Floating Counter App was not the reason you were punished for, your account has been blocked because you were caught botting in other accounts. The reason we took this long to reply is because we had to make sure the evidence gathered was accurate, to which we ended up deciding it was. 

We would appreciate not bringing any harassment to any staff member. We don't expect you to be honest about your appeal, but bringing this up to our forums when the decision has been made will not change the verdict emitted.

Thanks for your time and have a nice day.

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