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Summer Seasonal Event



I think we should work towards having a new seasonal tournament event. The automated tournament system can really afford a great opportunity to limit time investment by staff to make this event a reality. There could also be a theme to help guide prizes. How I would foresee this happening?


32-man qualifying events (2 per week x8 weeks, make sure to have rotating days and times to accommodate different time zones, emphasis on weekends)

  • 1st Place: Invite + RP
  • 2nd Place: Invite
  • 3rd/4th: Reserve


32 man finale (in-person, double-elimination)

  • 1st: First choice Shiny Pokemon + RP + Champion Signature
  • 2nd: Second choice Shiny Pokemon + RP
  • 3rd: Third choice Shiny Pokemon + RP


Prize options: Three top tier prize Shiny Pokemon. I don't even know what these would be today, options might include: Volcarona, Rotom-Wash/Mow, Milotic, Scizor, Chansey, or to a lesser extent Salamence, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Breloom, and Skarmory.


Seasonal tournament events are always a great way to reward the competitive community and build interest in the game. Streamers record matches and post them on their respective streaming/video platforms and that is free advertisement. It also shows a healthy, active game that attracts more players. In-person events while taxing on staff, are also a throwback to an older time that might attract older players that want to be seen. It would also attract older players that want attention and fame. 


We can then recreate this format for other tiers during future seasons.


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