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PokeMMO World Cup 4th Edition - Betting Thread

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PokeMMO World Cup 4

Betting Thread


The PokeMMO World Cup is a country based tournament hosted by members of the community. It's the 4th instalment of the PokeMMO World Cup.





Tied matches are void (does not include matches with tie-breakers)

- Unplayed matches are void*

- All activity win bets are void*

- Matches that have been changed due to subbed players are void
-Bets over 250k may be mailed to a trusted middleman  if any one of the two players feel its necessary
- Bets must be posted before the matches are played

- No betting against yourself (you can bet for yourself to win)

- Bets with a player who has been banned are void unless/until that player is unbanned*

- No new bets until old betting debts are cleared

- Players that do not comply with these rules will be added to a BLACK LIST

- Once you take a bet you may NOT retract that bet for whatever reason

- The only way you can have a bet retracted is if BOTH players agree on retracting the bet

- When making bets that go throughout the whole tournament, please be cautious and make sure you have what you bet by the end of the tournament

- We are not keeping up with everyone's bets so its your job to keep track of your bets and who wins what

*This rule does not apply when betting on teams



Take each bet with risk! Although unlikely, it is possible you can get scammed and we won't be held responsible to pay unpaid debts. 

Though players that do not comply will be added to BLACK LIST and all players will be warned when betting with those players.

Players can bet with players on the blacklist however the blacklist is only there to warn them.


How to Bet:

When you are betting, provide the following info:

1. Your IGN

2. What match(es) and which player(s) you are betting on

3. What are you wagering


Trusted Middlemans:

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Main Thread: https://bit.ly/3g3o977

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8 hours ago, Quinn010 said:

tell me who you want for middelman then i sent the money 

You are a friend yo. I know there is some shizzle going on but I'm quite sure that in case you loose you will pay me. Anyways I'm cool with every middleman so if you want one I'm fine with who ever 

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germany-2-.png.4717d64a47b8cad64783f30ab88a4467.png Rest of Asia [0] vs [0] Rest of Europe germany-3-.png.a5f7a40763f60ceec7f2b260a1fa8e00.png

UU2: Spxter vs Incognition (100k) (Taken by @Mehagony) (I won, gg) (Bet has been paid)

NU2: HeroGarou vs SlimMatt (100k) (Bet cancelled as the match is over.)

DB: Kamowanthere vs OrangeManiac (100k) (Taken by @calidubstep) (I won, gg) (Bet has been paid)

LC: HALOTT vs BartekDolar (100k) (Taken by @Mehagony) (I won, gg) (Bet has been paid)



Group B


vene.png.3a51dbb5ec307f9b663ee8846fcb1419.png Venezuela Arepera [0] vs [0] Venezuela Criolla vene.png.3a51dbb5ec307f9b663ee8846fcb1419.png

NU1: tMoi vs CristhianArce (100k) (Bet cancelled as the match is over.)

usa(1).png.da5f2356038227c8f79f9035afad01a0.png USA [0] vs [0] Philippines AdoBoiz ph.png.c54e0fe516393ee4ee374bcf4de67064.png

UU1: xSparkie vs RareBush (100k)(Bet cancelled as the match is over.)

UU2: Mobuto vs amoncute (100k) (Taken by @Mehagony) ( I lost, gg) (Bet has been paid)

DB: Imabetheverybest vs SWPlayer (100k) (Bet cancelled as the match is over.)


germany-4-.png.b2c5ef1221cf85a22cf5336c50a7f408.png West Europe [0] vs [0] Brazil brazil.png.b666a64e77e028320c69239f66cf5780.png

UU1: QuinnW vs RafaPallet (100k) (Bet cancelled as the match is over.)

NU2: iMat vs Deadwind (100k) (Bet cancelled as the match is over.)

DB: ThinkNice vs Jhowteon (100k) (Bet cancelled as the match is over.)



Group C


germany.png.9f83fbe8ceb492aaf3ecad40273c7bfb.png Germany [0] vs [0] Peru peru.png.8ee627b5609202d2fe5830671a9a34a8.png

OU1: CaptnBaklava vs Fibraxxxx (100k) (Taken by @Tear) ( I lost, gg) (Bet has been paid)

UU2: BlizzardGG vs DarioMG (100k) (Bet cancelled as the match is over.)


mexi.png.66ea2621046c956c5fdc9f7ced26be0a.png Mexico [0] vs [0] Portugal portugal.png.e29209b600b95220d9b423fb02e1998c.png

OU2: Akarukokuyo vs LifeStyle (100k) (Bet cancelled as the match is over.)

UU2: Sickoonerr vs Razimove (100k) (Taken by @Xigbar) ( I lost, gg) (Bet has been paid)

LC: Baneadito vs Sintatic (100k) (Bet cancelled as the match is over.)



Group D


ph.png.c54e0fe516393ee4ee374bcf4de67064.png Philippines SiniGang [0] vs [0] Rest of Latam germany-5-.png.29f7f65d6eb7ad6fce7258a182040003.png

UU2: QueenDinz vs urquidi (100k) (Bet cancelled as the match is over)

DB: SuperiorHolmes vs Santiii (100k) (Bet cancelled as the match is over.)

LC: iKreedo vs YEYOxD (200k) (Taken by @Kamowanthere) ( I lost, gg) (Bet has been paid)


spain.png.9bd558841deea4542ac54cb0da29590c.png Spain [0] vs [0] Korea sk.png.2fbd6e84ae12c7c4f8a821424c39faf8.png

UU2: DrTylerGrey vs Gameova (100k) (Bet cancelled as the match is over.)



Bold means I'm betting on them to win. 1 take per bet. Void if sub/tie/activity. 


Let the festivities begin ^^

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Recorded Raz bet (lost)
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germany-1-.png.9e9a13db59c4b91d3e4f4d47922ca630.png Rest of America vs Argentina argentina(3).png.d8eb899bf6977e94d16401cbdb0dada7.png

OU2: Brayanmatows vs azzazz

UU1: MomoLaPepa vs IWiriketchup

LC: SebastianRVM vs Filantropia


germany-6-.png.2af096e1e8d9e73abb834bef2c31c1d9.png Africa vs Cuba cuba.png.2e0935177f07138aca58066167d3f413.png (200k each bold)

OU1: Jaawax vs ElKimiko

OU2: Lunarck vs ZeroGamer00

UU1: PoseidonWrath vs Teseliaxd

NU1: Kanicula vs xMaikel

NU2: Tawla vs criptoDAVID

DB: Azphiel vs Lactosoid @Kamowanthere

LC: TheDh vs Killuacuba


germany-2-.png.4717d64a47b8cad64783f30ab88a4467.png Rest of Asia vs Rest of Europe germany-3-.png.a5f7a40763f60ceec7f2b260a1fa8e00.png

UU1: xMikasaAckerman vs Forfiter @calidubstep

DB: Kamowanthere vs OrangeManiac



Group B


vene.png.3a51dbb5ec307f9b663ee8846fcb1419.png Venezuela Arepera vs Venezuela Criolla vene.png.3a51dbb5ec307f9b663ee8846fcb1419.png

UU1: Wallarro vs AngeloDLZ

UU2: Cessy vs DanielZF

NU2: Mansterix vs Bund


usa(1).png.da5f2356038227c8f79f9035afad01a0.png USA vs Philippines AdoBoiz ph.png.c54e0fe516393ee4ee374bcf4de67064.png

DB: Imabetheverybest vs SWPlayer

LC: Cali vs Taleng


germany-4-.png.b2c5ef1221cf85a22cf5336c50a7f408.png West Europe vs Brazil brazil.png.b666a64e77e028320c69239f66cf5780.png

OU1: Stelian vs SHERFIN

UU1: QuinnW vs RafaPallet @Thenavarro

NU2: iMat vs Deadwind

LC: Poufilou vs PedroLindoUnico



Group C


chile.png.6baf4a447ad5ae32b4715154ff1a690d.png Chile vs Madagascar madaga.png.4efb79bf8a5933c883460e9fd1ae4318.png

UU2: Mendez vs Loduc

NU2: Sebat vs AshHikari

DB: Guillex vs RSHOGUN

LC: WarwitoX vs Toutoun


mexi.png.66ea2621046c956c5fdc9f7ced26be0a.png Mexico vs Portugal portugal.png.e29209b600b95220d9b423fb02e1998c.png (200k bold)

OU1: Mariomeds vs Pachima

OU2: Akarukokuyo vs LifeStyle @PizzaConewe

UU1: Shelluny vs DeusBruno @aZaz07

UU2: Sickoonerr vs Razimove @Quinn010



Group D


ph.png.c54e0fe516393ee4ee374bcf4de67064.png Philippines SiniGang vs Rest of Latam germany-5-.png.29f7f65d6eb7ad6fce7258a182040003.png

UU1: IceKob vs Inuyashal

NU1: BossJakePH vs Haazuu

NU2: GhostWalk vs Cristi


spain.png.9bd558841deea4542ac54cb0da29590c.png Spain vs Korea sk.png.2fbd6e84ae12c7c4f8a821424c39faf8.png

UU1: JasonSparrowX vs Sionix

UU2: DrTylerGrey vs Gameova @Quinn010

LC: DarkQuiler vs Chillas


colom.png.73efa449aefdabcb493dca67674b8cb3.png Colombia vs China china.png.6598fde3241269af67ffb0345434d31f.png

OU1: Brianattackpro vs heichicoda

UU1: Enchanteur vs sgerard

LC: xWhinkz vs Queest @aZaz07


100K each bold except: Africa vs Cuba (200k each) and Mexico vs Portugal (200k each)

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