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DHT Ribbon Shop | Tiendade cintas de DHT

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2 minutes ago, NecasInTrouble said:

Amazing shop I love it! 

Thanks man! It has been a lot of hard work; we genuinely love ribbons and do our best for our customers! We've gotten the privilege of working with some amazing Pokémon and lately a shiny chikorita and shiny vaporeon. It's truly a honor and such a cool thing to be able to work with people's shinies that they care a lot about!

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4 minutes ago, JeanMarc said:

I remember seeing Drago talk about when he thought of starting this service, the passion is genuine. If I need some ribbons I'm definitely going through him!

Thanks bro, I appreciate the kind words ❤️

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10 hours ago, shirukei said:

Amazing shop you have here, great variety and very beautiful completed orders, I'd definitely order a full ribbons set for my shiny Eevee if I HAD one ( ╯°□°)╯ ┻━━┻

Keep up the good work!

Thank you for those kind words and I hope you get that shiny eevee in a single encounter!

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