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PokeMMO's 1st Little Cup Premier League (LCPL) General Thread, Current Donation Count: 250M

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33 minutes ago, Quinn010 said:

for the people that dont know i made a showdown server with the mmo meta (tiers/no fairy's/ knock off nerf/gem buff) where you can test teams or play for fun. im gonna host a few automated tours for fun if you want a tour hosted dm me on discord. 
Link: http://xdlc.herokuapp.com-80.psim.us/

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the teambuilder show gen 8 mons/moves you cant use them in battles i just fucked up with coding 



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Thanks to all the players who signed up to be a manager! There were many great sign-ups, but as a group, the staff has decided to select these 6:



Mendeez @MendeeZ

enchanteur @camilo7

TheDH @DrakeHope

YettoDie @YettoDie

RealDevilLegend @isi1993

PoseidonWrath @PoseidonWrath

Congratulations to all! If you were not selected or were waiting to see manager selections, and would like to still participate as a player, feel free to sign up here:



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On 8/18/2021 at 10:23 PM, calidubstep said:


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The "Scrubs":

  • This is long overdue in player selection events imo, but players that are not selected in the player auction will still have the opportunity to play in this event as a collective group: The "Scrubs" (or however they'd like to call themselves). They will compete against the rest of the "selected players'" teams and have the opportunity to take names and prove people wrong.

  • Management of this team will be arranged post auction 




Figured I might as well hash it out pre auction. So I thought about leaving this name as is, but @pachima's old PSL team reminded me that I could have an equally awful name and give it some alliteration and symbolism.


They've been hated. Never given a chance. Cast away without a majority TC vote, then thrown away entirely from official play. But they're back now and are out for blood. 





@gbweadand myself will be running this team, so if you don't get drafted and still want to win, come through; we'll be waiting!



Oh, and the auction has tentatively been set for September 11th ~10PM GMT +2, will ping the discord when it's finalized



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