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How good was the Halloween event actually

Halloween event experience  

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  1. 1. How was your Halloween (2021) experience

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I pretty enjoyed the event this time. It is my very first time in PokeMMO to grind Pumpking despite having been here for years. (Yes, I planted Lum berry on 2nd day and reaped the profit hahaha)


What do I like this year:

- easier access to special candy

Reduces learning costs, costs for newer players to try and fight boss


- cooldown of lantern/miniboss

The cd is ~40min, meaning one person can max get 4 in a refresh, and boss fighting time is around 10-15min, which is (imo) good for supply and demand


- community still shares locations, which is great as it is always.


The only thing that I dislike this year is:



And some sinnoh lanterns are hard to find.



My concern:

The kids no longer hands out special candy and making much lesser people to farm them, due to the payout is too less compared to boss.


The goodie bags from kids is inferior to pumpking goodie as well.


Perhaps we could see reduced number of candies required for a normal goodie bag next time?

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I got frustrated that I couldn't beat pumpking even in easy mode.  I didn't expect to be able to defeat it in hard mode, but I hoped to do it in easy mode. I spent all the money I had in the game and several hours training pokemon but I couldn't beat its third form.  I've been playing pokemmo for 1 year and i think it would be nice if the easy mode were more accessible to everyone, including beginners.  it was frustrating to try so hard and not succeed.

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11 hours ago, OGRUB said:

It would be very funny if next year they add pokes randoms to halloween to beat the Boss

That would give the mods atleast some control as to how they want the boss defeated. Its a very interesting idea but idk if everyone is going to like that

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I personally don't understand why they stick to a formula that doesn't work : having the same boss battle though the event. Every year, people find exploits or just the best optimal team to beat it, and the only answer they have is to nerf stuff, leading to have people grind and grind more because everything is more RNG based. 


This year they added more mini bosses and tried to make it more complex. I was excited about finally having some variety. But there was nothing progressive. Easy and hard mode were equally hard while having the best respective team to beat them. The special candy farming was too easy - and I wouldn't have minded the spawn rate if the battles were at least harder. 


Tbh I just hoped for something new too. But it's PokeMMO : milk a formula until it doesn't make money anymore. 

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