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Adjust the balance of the Sand devil + Garchomp in OU.

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 Sand devil + Garchomp in OU.

Before that, I think everyone is bothered by a Garchomp like this:

`When your Choice scarf Darmanitian uses U-Turn against Garchomp, it is missed because of this move in Sand weather and is finally killed by Earthquake.

·Your Tyrannitar uses Ice-punch against Garchomp and is missed, resulting to a passive situation for Tyrannitar player.


I have a friend who loves playing sand team telling me that if Tyranitar meets Rotom-wash, switch to your Garchomp directly because his pump simply doesn't hit you in sand weather:/ 


This setting makes the instability of the battle become too high. Although the unstable battle is the charm of Pokemon, But I think the Garchonp + Sand devil exceeds the standard, so I want to make the following modification suggestions:

  1.When Garchomp + Sand devil was combined, his Sand devil no longer took effect on 100% probability moves.

  2.Ban it.

I use Garchomp myself, but every player who likes it will not like it because it can dodge at sand weather.





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