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Changelog: Xmas 2021


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Changelog: 25/12/2021 - 2


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a client crash which could occur when spectating or reconnecting during some battles
  • Basic Present rewards for Xmas Coop 2021 have been increased slightly
  • Fixed an issue where players would have differing elfbot partners displayed to them during Double Battles phases of the Xmas Coop event
  • Fixed several server crashes related to the Xmas Coop event
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Changelog: 26/12/2021


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issues where presents would never respawn during the Xmas Coop event
  • Fixed an issue where the Config: Sandboxed ability would not allow self-targeted moves to work, like Protect
  • Fixed an issue where PP bonuses would not apply correctly to Player-made Elfbots

Because there have been multiple bugs which caused an unintended difficulty for the first day, the Xmas event has been extended by 1 day. It will now end on January 5th at 00:00 UTC+0



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