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PokeMMO 10th anniversary

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Hold your horses! It's early for the event, we are on Tuesday and the event is on Wednesday.


3 minutes ago, Olayovgc said:

Will there be a post with the event information and how the event will work?

Usually. Yes. In the forum category Announcements -> Updates.


The players also usually write their thoughts in a post sharing their findings which is very helpful. 

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Wow another delay ig , 10 aniversary will conduct together with 11th anniversary big one yah , and at that time all bugs will done yah..nice nice ??

8 hours ago, xLari said:

Its tomorrow! ❤️


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Yah it's also tommorow like jhoto

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8 hours ago, RenDude said:

Welp. Kyu said a few days so I'm hoping it's like 2-3 days now 1-2 weeks. Hope I can play it before exams.

Well, imagine how I am. I took regulatory license in my work all the month of May to play the event and nothing, now I am on medical leave for flu , in a few days I go back to work and nothing... only have to waith!!!!

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