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PokeMMO 10th anniversary

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于2022/4/27 PM4点13分,Kyu 说:

If I were a pedantic man, I'd tell you the oldest characters on the server were created 20/06/2012 and that we're actually way ahead of schedule


I hope you like playing rotation battles, because they were a pain in the ass to write.


(I do not expect you to like rotation battles.)


If I have time, sure. The former's trivial, the latter not so much

announcement upon announcement, delay after delay. it is now the time for you to take back your words. how dare you to say “that we're actually way ahead of schedule” given that it is 20/06 at this moment[email protected]

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On 4/27/2022 at 12:53 PM, JohnTheJugs said:

I have heard that the creators are planning a system of weddings with other players, and it would seem to me a good idea that marriages also apply with pokemons, since weddings in this franchise are cannon and that can be confirmed with this image...

I hope and support this idea so that the creators take it into account >.< (and no... it's not a joke)

also it would seem to me a revolutionary idea to stand out from the other pokemon mmo games ^u^

Never saw wedding in any game before... Except harvest moon series 


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For the ones that don't understand: The devs, on 08 June, released part 1 of 10th anniversary update. They said: Check back next week for Part 2 and the main event. Today is day 19/06, more than one week has passed, and they don't released the part 2 of update. 5th deadline missed, the devs want to ask a music on the program "Fantástico" of Globo?(Only brazilian players will understand. If you're from Brazil, please explain)

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36 minutes ago, TipsyTurvy said:

Looking forward for the 20th anniversary.

I dont think there will be a 20th anniversary, if even a 11th anniversary. 


I for myself get the feeling that Dev'-Team is kind of tired of bringing out new content. The problem with that: Other fan projects do that and PokeMMO is really far behind other fan projects that not even celebrated 10th anniversary and it's getting further behind every week in my feelings.


Sad to say, but I suggest to hire someone who really wants to change something and bring this thing forward. Otherwise PokeMMO might be history in a few years, if not months. Players are getting tired of all the promises and "deadlines" (btw not a deadline if you cannot deliver on time - so better don't call it like that) 



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Calm down guys,

A few days can mean no more than two weeks (that would be a few weeks then). It has been 5 days only. ?


The 10th Anniversary is a real thing and we are only a few days next to it. Some pictures of the event interface have been leaked  on first update, which brings lots of cool long-term features:  iOS, rotation battles, and H.A to Darmanitan, moveset fixes and some generic fixes.


Think positively, the developers got more time to prepare the event. I'm expecting a response from Kyu on Wednesday to provide us the day to the release of Part 2 (because last time he said it would be in a week). Let's be patient.



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26 minutes ago, MightyMichele said:

7-13 days

In the vernacular, “a few” generally means more than two and less than six. In ascending order, a number progresses as “one,”, “a couple” ,“a few”, “some”, and “a bunch” proceeding to "a week" which then will be measured in a week and a few/couple/bunch of days.


Don't mind me, iam just bored and i thought we making science out of it.


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