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Some useless Burmy/Wormadam information

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So I have a complete Pokedex and the last thing I was missing were the registered forms of these two Pokemon. I believe you can buy them on GTL once you have at least one form OT in order to register the others but considering the price depending on cloak...probably not worth it.


Anyway I learned that in order to register the forms of Burmy OTHER than the one you catch requires you to evolve to Wormadam and then breed it down.


For instance, I started off with plant cloak Burmy and evolved into plant cloak Wormadam. I then bred it down so I could get the other cloak forms on my Burmy and therefore the other cloak forms on Wormadam.


Burmy cloak changes based on where it LAST PARTICIPATED in battle, Exp Sharing won't change its form no matter where you're training after that. I personally used a random cave to get the sand cloak and evolved it into sand cloak Wormadam. This registers the sand cloak Wormadam form but NOT the sand cloak Burmy form. For that I will need to breed the Wormadam down and it will give me a sand cloak Burmy which WILL register as a new form in the Pokedex.


From there I battled in Power Plant to get trash cloak, evolved to trash cloak Wormadam to register that, then bred that down to register trash cloak Burmy.


Overall pretty useless information for anybody not a completionist, but thought I'd share for anybody wondering.

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