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There is no accessible shoes/boots for instant customization. Every shoes change include a fully character customization. We miss a solution to shoes customization apart from fully character customization.582275722_Capture_2023-01-16-20-06-31.png.458519d13720a35b1d13a9fa17968b95.png



photo 1: MightyMichele sprite (Ground Elfbot Hat, Vest, Shorts)


Photo 2: Island 6 Shopping (Kanto)

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Battle throws


Currently we have a launch sequence more or less like this:





It would be great to have variations of animations, even limited ones, when starting a battle Understandably, I know it can't be done on a large scale because it would duplicate the testing work If so, it would be great if they implemented a mini team to help the designer to implement more things in a faster, fun and varied way. 



Pokemon Trainer Sprites Red



Sprites Trainers | Smogon Forums


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On 1/15/2023 at 3:05 AM, PhoenixNoah said:

Make a cosmetic glove item based on the farfetch'd leek. On second thought, there should also be a fishing rod cosmetic. fishing rod could be either hand or back, but back would probably be better for the normal fishing animation.


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qing zombie cap/tag and uniform /w jumping animation...


vampire uniform


charmander tail/x charizard/ shiny charmandertail




mummy zombie custome+head


bijuu uniform


squirtle firefighter w/ glass


squirtle tail


Kings robe, bamboo hat


birthday cake hat


flower ring



Maple falling particle....



Soul sliver dancer. hair accessories..wafuku robe



fallen angel wing, six winged fallen angel(with blakc/white feathers falling walking animtion?)


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Slot: Ears (new slot) 

Cosmetic Name: Elf Ears


Design image made by an anonymous, thank you



Description: PokeMMO character sprite wearing an Elf Ears and Fairy Wand from my previous publication.



Ps.: I also would like to suggest possibly a Mouth slot to make you able to wear vampire fangs vanity with something else from hats.



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Please add new basic vanities (the ones one can buy in pokemarkets) pls; one can't have a pair of trousers of a different colour without buying it on gtl...

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