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[Art][Sig] Tyler's Signature Shop[CLOSED]

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Amazing shop! Your quality is fantastic! Many shops are no longer open and I'm stuck between yours and Mayu's. I've looked through all the shops such as Tear, fixedgaming, Platoons, Draekyn, and Mayu's, and you truly have a unique style for your art. I know that when it comes to GIFs, there aren't many things you can do so it becomes a little difficult to put some quality work, but I am absolutely impressed. I had a friend get an order from you and I was told that you included them in the process. You showed them the rough draft then provided them several options for the final work. You even tried to adjust for modifications they requested whether it be adding a shiny sparkle or blur or working with the font. I know you're a new shop and I want others to read this review because we need more shops like yours and people like you putting out great, top-quality work for the community. 


PS: Your work quality puts you as one of the top sigmakers (both open and closed shops).  Keep up the great work!

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7 hours ago, DittoBoxes said:

Out of curiosity, do you have any idea for shiny dittos? maybe shiny ditto + shiny mew?

I can think of a few things, some new ideas pop into my head when I think of ditto. I'd love to try them out sometime! Thank you for your kind words earlier in the thread as well. It means a lot! 

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  • TylerGW changed the title to [Art][Sig] Tyler's Signature Shop[CLOSED]

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