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LCPL 2.0 Betting Thread

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Strife Empire   VS  The Handy Aipoms 
LCOU1: 200k Huargensy vs Queest @Poufilou paid
LCDoubles: 200k Gasyflour vs Fengrinrin
Showdown: 200k Mkns vs Hybone


Special Match Manager vs Manager(just for money): awaLLz vs MonkeyDMathew 200k    


The Wilds Weedles  VS  Abra Kadabras 
LCOU2: MadaraSixSix vs NoWall 200k
LCNU: NguyenDuy vs WarwitoX 200k
LCDoubles: LukerTTV vs TiToooo 200k


Hell`s Pandemonious VS  The Rolling in the Grave
LCOU1: 200k Lunarck vs Sargeste 
LCOU2: 200k Heichicoda vs TheAizenSosuke 
LCNU: 200k Kokenosaurio vs stormyrite @xEdstrompaid
LCDoubles: 200k Sebat vs SnowOT


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The Wilds Weedles (0)  VS  Abra Kadabras (0)
LCOU1: MedioMuerto vs KiriitoX
LCOU2: MadaraSixSix vs NoWall
LCUU: Zhiko vs Arca
LCNU: NguyenDuy vs WarwitoX
LCDoubles: LukerTTV vs TiToooo
Showdown: Tmoi vs Cristi


Hell`s Pandemonious (0)   VS  The Rolling in the Grave (0)
LCOU1: Lunarck vs Sargeste 
LCOU2: Heicicoda vs TheAizenSosuke 
LCUU: cjmystogan vs dridrigofk
LCNU: Kokenosaurio vs stormyrite
LCDoubles: Sebat vs SnowOT
Showdown: TheDH vs Sherlock

all 100-250k
i send money today @Tear
@Axelgorowes me 1m

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The Wilds Weedles VS  The Rolling in the Grave
LCOU1: 200k MadaraSixSix vs xSofy
LCOU2: 200k YeyoXD vs Badbutwin
LCDoubles: 200k RohMartinez vs SnowOT @Sebatpaid


Strife Empire VS  Abra Kadabras
LCOU2: awaLLz vs NoWall 200k
LCUU: SebastianRVM vs Arca 200k
LCDoubles: 200k Gasyflour vs Titoooo 


Capri Sunkern VS  The Handy Aipoms
LCOU2: Spxter vs Tawla 200k
LCDoubles: MeetMew vs Fengrinrin 200k @TohnRpaid

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Posted (edited)
On 5/30/2022 at 2:36 AM, Tear said:

LCDoubles: MeetMew vs Fengrinrin 200k

Take if match didn't already happen. Void if sub/DC or any other event that would prevent the game from happening in good conditions

Also Huargensy paid me his 200k from Week1

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On 5/4/2022 at 6:25 PM, TohnR said:

1 million that RDL ends bottom 3 this season

1 million that Cali goes finals this season
Can't be taken after Week 1 is over. I don't bet with people I've never heard of, or people I have blocked.

Nice prediction hahahahhaa

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