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Safire Zone questions

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hey there. so I've recently began to try to farm the Safari zone for shines/making money I know the shiny charm and donar status help the shiny rate but is there any other way to find the tougher to find pokemon cyndiquill/milltank etc:


also I've heard the best strategy is to just throw Safari balls and not to try to feed. is that right.  Also any tips would be appreciated 

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Breeding is the best Way to approach, but keep in Mind, it will take long, Costs much if u unlucky and takes big time dedication


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12 hours ago, Riesz said:

Feed- decrease catch rate, decrease flee rate


Rock- increase catch rate, increase flee rate

I forget who, someone a while back wrote like a 3 page proof showing that it's always statistically better for you to just throw the ball, no matter the mon. 

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14 hours ago, hornet77 said:

hey there. so I've recently began to try to farm the Safari zone for shines/making money 

You have mental? Unwritten rule #1 - DO NOT HUNT SHINY ON SAFARI.

If you want your mental health ok and don't get depression, follow this rule. Shinys on PokéMMO are more rare that the ones found on official games. Found one on safari zone, is reason to cry, because if you don't catch, the chance of flee is high.

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