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Creating a sun team!

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Hello. Recently I've been holding onto the idea of creating a sun team for OU comp. So far I have a Torkoal but when I try to think of pokemon that would synergize well with sun I just can't seem to stick with anything. Any suggestions or advice would be nice :)

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Well first and foremost, a Chlorophyll sweeper. Exeggutor is usually the way to go, but there are others like Victreebel and even Sawsbuck who I've seen used well.
A Flare Blitz abuser like Darmanitan. Under the sun, it'll one shot a lot of targets, even do tons of damage to those that resist it.
That's usually the trio people work with.
As for the rest, if you wanna go the generic route, put Garchomp, Rotom-Wash and Scizor on the team, they compliment almost any team well. Though I can explain the role they serve to give you an idea what kind of Pokemon you can replace them with if you feel like it.
Garchomp is there to take care of the sun team resistances, mainly other fire types and dragons.
Rotom-Wash is there to threaten opposing rain teams and to some degree sand teams. Resists water and ground that would hurt your sun setter.
Scizor is there to resist dangerous priority moves to your chlorophyll sweeper like Ice Shard and Extremespeed.

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Torkoal - Exeggutor - Darmanitan - Volcarona  (Probably) - Chandelure (Probably) - Rotom-Heat (Probably) 
Garchomp, Scizor and Rotom-Wash are indeed generic route they are nice and the most common allies.
I recomend to put in there at least a Garchomp. Scizor and Rotom-Wash take part in volturn for having more sun

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