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Can a mod link me the appeal page please

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I swear there needs to be definitive standards on what's bannable and what's not because it's very subjective depending on which moderators are lurking in the background and when they're online to enforce rules...other dudes are talking about furry bait and their love lives but I get a 7-day ban for calling 2-3 people "****ing idiots" for providing somebody who asked a question the RIGHT answer when those 2-3 people were giving incorrect information.


There's literally a profanity filter THAT YOU NEED TO TURN OFF VOLUNTARILY so I don't know why this is even considered an offense if I'm not personally attacking somebody or spouting off repeatedly.


So please provide me with that support link, although I'm sure it won't make a difference...we all know how that worked out for that dude that got indefinitely banned because some staff THINKS he was the owner of an inappropriate Twitter account...


I know this game's staff reserves the right to ban anyone at any time for any reason...but my god...have a standard, enforce it religiously with zero tolerance, and have somebody on to enforce it at all times because this "pick and choose" crap is ridiculous.

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