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How can you be a good leader and have a good team?

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13 hours ago, xPLosivArchon said:

muy nuevo aquí, pero ¿qué son los equipos? y que funcion cumplen en el juego?

Hello friend, welcome to the pokemmo community ♥


•What are the teams?


The teams are basically places where you can meet with a group of people for endless purposes, play competitively, hunt shinys or simply find friends



•What functions do they perform in the game?



the teams do not have a specific function /  important one outside of what was mentioned above

the teams follow the path that the leader or owner decides to give them


( but more important than that I think you have to know what path you want to take as a player )


The best advice I can give you is:


have fun, look for a team where you can find good friends, enjoy every moment and above all don't be toxic with anyone

As time goes by, you have past pokemon leagues, I would recommend looking for a more specific team or if you want to stay in the same one, good luck
I wish you the best of luck friend





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