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PokeMMO World Cup 5th Edition - Sign Ups

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On 7/10/2022 at 12:22 PM, WorldCupMMO said:

PokeMMO World Cup 5

Player Signups



The PokeMMO World Cup is a country based tournament hosted by members of the community. This is the 5th instalment of the PokeMMO World Cup.




Before signing up, please check the rules and format below.

Tier format

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What is the PokeMMO World Cup?

PokeMMO World Cup tournament is a team tournament, in which you compete alongside your fellow countrymen to battle out to be the #1 national team of PokeMMO. This competition is a PvP tournament.

Tiers: OU, UU, NU, DB, 2x Captain's Choice

What is Captain's Choice? When Team A and Team B are matched against each other both captain's will have to submit their choice of tier to the host within 24h. After both team's captain submit their choice the host will announce both choices.

Example of Possible outcomes:

3xOU, UU, NU, DB
2x,OU, 2xUU, NU, DB
2xOU, UU, 2xNU, DB
2xOU, UU, NU, 2xDB

Little Cup: 

LC will not be officially supported in this World Cup edition. We want to make the competition as standard as possible to ensure it's competitiveness and overall attractiveness to the viewers and community. 

After the sign ups are closed, team captains are  selected and teams are complete we will have a captains meeting where each captain will announce wether or not their team is LC compatible. IF (and only IF) 2 teams that are both LC compatible face each other their captains may select LC as a Captain's choice.

This will ensure that LC is not "forced" upon any teams but still an option for teams that do enjoy it and have the roster flexibility for it.

We will however have LC events occuring during the World Cup week off as part of our community events.


Little Cup Rules (according to LC Club, to be updated upon HA release)





Unique Species



Banned Pokémon











Banned Moves

Dragon Rage

Sonic Boom


Banned Abilities

Arena Trap


World Cup format

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Group Stages/Qualifier Stages

[To be edited once team creation is concluded]
As discussed on stream we are open to the possibility of having a continental qualifier instead of just a Group Stage however this depends on the ammount of teams we have signed up. This information will be edited after team creation is complete.



[To be edited once team creation is concluded]

Team Composition

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Sign Ups
Please sign up using the format below for your desired Country/Region and Tiers. (Any sign up that disregards the below format will be ignored, please help the hosts and help yourselves to save back and forth time with your sign ups).

IGN: (make sure it is spelled correctly)
Country/Region: (please use your actual country/region do not be afraid you won't have enough team mates to play with)
Tiers: (If you play more than one tier but you prefer a specific tier put that one in bold)
Discord tag: (optional)
Personal note: (optional)

PS: PokeMMO Staff members are free to sign up as well as World Cup council members. Only WC host and co hosts are not allowed to participate.

Captain Selection
Once sign ups are over there will be a poll for each country to see if they wish to use the same captain as last year (in case he/she signed up) IF NOT then a new captain will be elected by the players that signed up to represent that same country. Previous year captain can not apply for captain if he/she was voted out.

Team Selection
Once a countries captain is selected he/she will select the team who will represent the country. Minimum of 6, Maximum of 18. There will only be 1 team per country. Any players not selected by the team captain for their country will be drafted to another team that will be created by the hosts as balanced as possible.

Country Selection
After much confusion/drama from previous year sign ups and following with VGC 2022 eligibility criteria as well as the limitations that an unofficial tournament hosts have we've decided moving forward that players may sign up to their respective countries given the multiple eligility criteria such as:
-Country of Birth
-Country of Residence
-Country of Citizenship
-Dual Nationality
-Parent's nationalities

However...what we (the World Cup hosts) have is the previous years sign ups and participation. We've compiled a World Cup Master file with all of the sign ups and participation of the previous 4 World Cups and we've crossreferenced those. (We've already red flagged players from previous World Cups and will keep a close eye on their sign ups).

Moving forward and starting this year if a player wishes to play in the World Cup he can only play for the country he played in the previous year. If he did not play in the previous year he is free to sign up to whatever country he sees fit according to the above criteria.
If a player played in the previous World Cup for a country and wishes to represent a different country he will have to skip the current World Cup and will only be able to represent a different country in the following year.

Player 1 played for country A in World Cup 4. This year he has 2 choices, play for country A or skip the World Cup.
Player 1 played for country A in World Cup 3. This year he can sign up for whatever country he desires within the eligibility criteria above.


World Cup Schedule

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Tournament Schedule

(Event | Timestamp yyyy/mm/dd) [This will be edited once team creations are over]

Registration Phase | 2022-07-10/2022-08-07
Captain Selection | 2022-08-08/2022-08-12
Team Creation | 2022-08-13/2022-08-16
Alternate Team Creation | 2022-08-17/2022-08-24

Week 1 | 2022-09-11/2022-09-17
Week 2 | 2022-09-18/2022-09-24
Week 3 | 2022-09-25/2022-10-01
Week 4 | 2022-10-02/2022-10-08
Week 5 | 2022-10-09/2022-10-15
Week 6 | 2022-10-16/2022-10-22
Community Week | 2022-10-23/2022-10-29
Halloween Week | 2022-10-30/2022-11-05
Week 7 | 2022-11-06/2022-11-12
Week 8 | 2022-11-13/2022-11-19
Week 9 | 2022-11-20/2022-11-26    

This schedule is open to review depending on the amount of teams that sign up. Once the team composition is complete we will update`it.

Gameplay Rules and Match Scheduling

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World Cup Master file: https://bit.ly/3PtbKZk

Let the sign ups begin!!

IGN: Hiruzenkw

Country : Paraguay

Tiers: OU

Edited by Hiruzenkw
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