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[Order]: Animated Signature

[Pkmon]: Shiny Turtwig

[Name]: Fvv

[Team]: No, no need

[Color]: Dark green and green, hope the background is forest

money mailed thanks in advance ❤️

If needed to discuss prices above the ones stated, feel free to pm me.

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Buenos días, me encantó tu trabajo, te pido porfavor una signature animada! 🙂 

Order]: Signature Animada

[Pkmon]: Lugia

[Name]: SrRodriguez

[Team]: Latin Crew (LCW)  No se si sea necesario completo, solo nombre o solo siglas.

[Color]: Azul / uguu / Blanco / Dorado (brillos):   Esos colores me gustan mucho, el dorado en brillos puede ser para resaltar.

[AText]: Creo que no, ya viendolo podría ser que diga Boss o Team Leader si es posible verlo y enviarmelo por discord antes de aplicarlo por si se ve bien te agradecería mucho.

Si es necesario ajustar precio comentame!, con todo gusto.

Discord: xXSr.RodríguezXx#7657 / sr.rodriguez

Ya envié el correo 🙂 


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  • LaFloudy changed the title to [Sig] ★ Floudy's Signature Service [OPEN]

First order:
 Firma Estatica

[Pkmon]: Weavile

[Nombre]: Veni Vidi Vici

[Team]: no

[Color]: Black color preferably with bright tones that stand out with weavile, surprise me.

[AText]: Lâst League




Second order:
[Orden]: Firma Estatica

[Pkmon]: Weavile & Lucario

[Nombre]: Veterinary

[Team]: no

[Color]: Blue and black, highlight the colors with the pokemon and add shine to them please.

[AText]: no



From what I understand it is 400k for both signatures (I just sent them), if there is any additional cost for the hard work let me know and I will gladly pay you the rest of the money.

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[Order]: Animated Signature
[Pokemon]: Shiny Aipom, Shiny Combee and Shiny Skarmory
[Name]: Stolen
[Team]: MR
[Color]: General colors - Pink / Light Pink / White (Cherry blossom tree with blue sky, Skarmory in sky if possible)

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  • LaFloudy changed the title to ⚫ [Sigs] [Userbars] [Logos] Floudy's Shop ⬛ [ESP] [ENG] ⬛ [OPEN] ⬛
Posted (edited)

[Orden]: Firma Animada Compleja

[Pkmon]: eevee Brillante 


[Equipo]: Aw (Asgard Warriors)

[Color]: lo que convine con el pokemon

[ATexto]: ninguno

[AInfo]: estrellas cayendo


dinero enviado😃

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