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[Sigs][Userbars][Banners][Logos] Requi's Design Studio [OPEN]


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On 3/12/2023 at 8:02 AM, Requi said:

Right now there is a update to forums where I cant upload any new links through discord so I cannot upload any new work until its fixed which should hopefully be soon.



oh...rip , was about to message you for a new signature , also was wondering why i can't upload discord files into forums...

please message me when you open your studio back . have a nice day ❤️

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ok, considering that the situation on forums is fixed, I'll send my order now

Name: AdamantSceptile

Team Tag/Name: [made] 

Order: Animated Signature

Desired Colour Scheme Colors matching with Sceptile

Additional info: Has Sceptile (Non Shiny) on it.

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A few days ago I spoke to you on Discord, but I want to leave the order here for when you are available.


Name: Hatusan

Order: Animated Sig, Userbar

Additional info: I'd like the sig to have zoroark shiny, the colors related to it. In the userbar i would like it to be black colors with shiny zorua as sprite, my nick and "shiny hunter & leppa farmer"


Thanks for everything 😄 

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9 minutes ago, caioxlive13 said:

Looking on "Clients I've worked with" , where is the Grand Slam on list?

10/10 service. Thank you so much.

Thanks for reminding me I need to update my shop page it its fairly outdated xd

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Yo, it's been a long time since i last asked for a signature, this one is kinda old so im here to ask for another in this awesome shop 💙,  we can talk in discord if there's anything to discuss, here is my discord "branaso#6696"


Name Branaso

Team Tag & Name [Äv] Ävalanche

Order Animated signature + userbar

Colour Scheme Any color that will fit perfectly with S.Spiritomb 

Additional informations : Again i would like shiny spiritomb to be my mascot, but this time i want his animation to be different and spooky ( if possible c': ), about the userbar i want it be like this "[Äv] Branaso.....(void)..... Shiny Hunter.....(the shiny sprite).


Thats all, i will pay when the sig is ready! 💙



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  • Requi changed the title to [Sigs][Userbars][Banners][Logos] Requi's Design Studio [OPEN]
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42 minutes ago, Laomir said:

After several months of waiting still no news on my request. Hoping to get what I asked for soon.

Cordially Rayd

Could you please send me a message on discord im having trouble finding your original request, apologies for the delay.

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