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[TOOL] PokeMMO Guides - Pokedex / Breed / Egg Moves / Cosmetics

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TL/DR: Pokemmo Guides


Hi PokeMMO community! How's going?

I'm working on a website for helping people out on PokeMMO. I'm trying to implement, step by step, every tools and guides that is been made here.



  • Pokedex (it has two Easter Egg on it 🙂 )
    • List of all the Pokèmon in the game
    • Check their locations, their egg group, base stats and catch rate percentage.
    • Filter by name, region, route, horde/pheno
    • Catch rate probabilities of every pokemon (pokeball, megaball, ultraball, bisball, veloxball) (Full HP, 1HP, Full HP asleep, 1HP asleep)
  • Breeding
    • Calculate the breeding steps.
    • Graph with every step required for reach the goal.
    • Add nature in the project.
  • Egg move calculator (thanks to @YIBU)    NEW    
    • List of all the egg moves of every Pokémon
    • Search the best path for you
    • Get that waterspout on Blastoise easily!
  • Cosmetics Helper (thanks to @YIBU)     NEW    
    • List of all the cosmetics in the game updated to November 2022.
    • Create your custom character directly on the website, try every combinations of clothes and colors and find the best for you.
    • Select a follower pokemon and see how it matches with your outfit!    NEW    
    • Have fun with the "Randomize your Character" button.
  • Quick info
    This is just a section in the homepage with some easy but useful informations.
    • Every regione level cap for each gym badge
    • A super easy tool for calculate gain from riches charm on Gym run.
  • Guides
    List of some guides made here on the forum.
  • Theme
    • Dark / Light mode.
    • Progressive web app. You can add the website to your homescreen and it will be used like an installed app.


I'm looking for someone helping me on a new logo. If someone can help me on it, please send me a PM.


I hope that you like it, I'd like to receive criticisms and opinions about it.
Thank you very much.

This is the website: Pokemmo Guides


Website screenshot:





Edited by squickGianno
refactoring all the guide
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6 hours ago, angryfatbear said:

Honestly great work for someone who is still quite new to the game 🙂 hope it gets add on and continually worked on. 

Thank you very much, I'm new to pokeMMO but not new to Pokemon brand indeed. I'm playing since pokemon red on my GAME BOY. I never enjoy playing pokemon like with Pokemmo though.

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On 10/23/2022 at 6:28 AM, Riesz said:

Great work, I would love to see if the Pokedex could filter Horde and EV gain


it would be superb if you would add that



Thanks for the appreciament! By now it's already possible to filter them by horde. I'm going to implement the filter by EVs.

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  • squickGianno changed the title to [TOOL] PokeMMO Guides - A webapp for every PokeMMO info / Now with Egg Moves Helper
On 10/31/2022 at 1:19 AM, ColesNightfill said:

Congrats on getting the guide approved! This website provides amazing and convenient tools. I especially love your egg move tool you added recently.


Goodluck with future development!

Thank you very much Coles! Goodluck to you too 🙂


On 11/2/2022 at 3:15 AM, ClosedBox said:

Good job on the site, really enjoy the breeding diagram.


Need help translating strings to spanish?

Hi ClosedBox, thank you very much! I'm happy you're enjoing the website!
By now translations are not implemented, maybe in the future! Thank you so much for your dedication btw!

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New update

Egg moves calculator:

  • The search shows the evolution tree too, if you don't remember the name of the base evolution of Charizard now you can just search for Charizard.
  • The results has the name of the Pokèmon instead of only the sprite.
  • Now Extreme Speed for Dratini has Dragonite with Special instead that Dragonite with lvl. 1.

Breeding calculator:

  • The bred item has a different border width. It scales with the width of the item.
  • The bred item has a different color. Lightgreen if darkmode and still black if light mode.
  • Inserted a new text in the breeding price calculations which explain how the calculations has been made.

Homepage guides:

  • Inserted new guides in homepage.
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New update 11.08.22

The website now has a complete Cosmetics Helper updated to the latest cosmetics! Build your character from scratch and try every possible combinations of cosmetics and colors. Have fun with the Randomize Character button!


Also I'd like to change the logo, can anyone help me on this adventure? Please contact me here if you wanna help!



Cosmetics Helper (Thanks to @YIBU for the dataset, its been really amazing!)

  • Cosmetics Helper now available on the webapp!
  • Sort cosmetics by name
  • Preview character images on cosmetics select


  • The new tools (cosmetics helper and egg moves calculator) now has a different button color and a label on it.


  • Implemented pokemon in background
  • Fixed some issues on mobile


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  • squickGianno changed the title to [TOOL] PokeMMO Guides - Pokedex / Breed / Egg Moves / Cosmetics
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