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PokeMMO World Cup 5 - Week 1 UU Star Vote

Who do you think is the Star UU Player of Week 1  

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  1. 1. Star UU Player Week 1

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PokeMMO World Cup 5

Group Stages - Week 1



The PokeMMO World Cup is a country based tournament hosted by members of the community. It's the 5th instalment of the PokeMMO World Cup.



With the goal of revamping the World Cup community interaction we've created the All Star Match during the community week.
Each week the players that win their respective matches in each tier will be eligible to earn Star Votes from the community until the next week vote starts.
When all 5 weeks of the Group Stage are complete we will see who has accumulated most Star Votes and the top 2 players will be drafted by the top 2 voted captains to create the All Star teams that will face each other during the Community Week break fighting for additional prizes and prestige.

So feel free to vote for whoever you prefer for each tier until the end of the week when the new vote will start.

Group A
AngeloDLZ VS Kevin Link here

CarolML VS Quinn

Busso VS leehiii Link here

Axellgor VS nhhn 

PoseidonWrath VS Necasintroube Link here

Group B
MegaBladers VS NYF

PKTKalseru VS 
XiaoSH Link here

aftershocker VS zAnderson Link here

Mobuto VS Eliaswhiteleon Link here

Group C
AwaXGoku VS PIKALUCHO Link here

Mkns VS coorvuus Link here

BrunoRZ VS DeusBruno Link here

SnowOT VS IHasvik

Group D
woxiangsinile VS xialuu Link here

DridrigoFK VS Pottina Link here

ILatios VS StokesAG Link here



Let the voting begin!


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